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EVIL FROM THE PAST (Face Reading Horror Story)

The doctors were scrubbing for the operating room. The nurses moved quickly to make way for the stretcher which carried the French prime minister. The leader had been eating dinner when he gripped his chest and fell forward. Life Flight aired him to the London Cardiac Surgical Center, and the top medical teams were recruited from all parts of Europe. Though his vital signs had been stabilized, the angiography revealed a blocked aorta. His central heart artery might rupture at any moment. The cardiac specialists were taking no chances. An arterial line was prepped, and the anesthesiologist held up the oxygen mask as quick hands placed Jacques Cabot gingerly onto the surgery table.

Prime Minister Jacques Cabot had been in the French military in Algeria before his election. His many bloody sieges and major mismanagement of the Algerian conquests were omitted in his military reports and dossiers sent back to France. The French people thought him a hero. The rural town’s people of Nigei, Algeria knew he was a monster. After capturing a province, he encouraged his bored soldiers to torture children as he would stand by laughing cynically. Any man who would try to protect his children would be shot. However, Algeria is far from France, and nothing was recorded as out of ordinary in the French military dispatches.

Jacques sat with his top officers. Bottles of Johnny Walker and special cigars were passed around the table. As the French commander turned to the side to fill his whisky glass, his profile stood out. A nose with a sharp eagle beak, his two black eyes curtained with a thick unborn, a huge scar from his ear to jaw area. The side “gills” of his jaw muscle flexed into tightly constriction. His eyes were always cold and ruthless.

Marka had been six at the time of Algerian sieges. But he would never forget Jacques Cabot. The young child hid in fear and horror as he watched the soldiers murder his father who was protecting his sister. After this, his mother would sit for hours starring at the wall of her bedroom. Marka would make all the beans for his sister and their dinner.

As he grew Marka showed that he had a quick mind. He loved science and math and studied diligently at the schoolhouse with the other children. One day the missionaries came to evaluate young men for the priesthood. Marka was very happy to be chosen to further his education. Though it saddened him to leave his dissolute mother and little sister, he seized the opportunity to go live in the monastery and to read more books. The senior monks observed Marko’s brilliance and manual dexterity. He could draw and sculpt a perfect copy of any Holy statue for the sacred days. He was kind and particularly enjoyed caring for the older, infirm brothers. He knew instinctually which herbs and poultices would ease their pain and increase their joint mobility.

The monks all said Marka had the face of a king. He had the one horizontal, straight line across his forehead, a line they say which marked the face of an emperor. His deep blue eyes had a radiant gaze which calmed others who were in turmoil. A round hairline, high placed large ears and long earlobes. His teeth were small, and his mouth was wide and easy to smile. His facial features were those of love and nobility.

When the bishop came to evaluate the monastery, the older monks took him aside to point out Marka’s talents and how these might be wasted as a country priest. After many interviews, tests, and a personal meeting with the Pope, Marka was selected to train at the French Medical Academy in Paris. Though he was humble, his ability to sculpt in surgery became legendary in all of Europe. His hands were delicate with long fingers. Perfect for a surgeon. His mentors encouraged him to specialize in Cardiology, an internship that was just gaining recognition.

And so it happened that when the call went through the medical community for Prime Minister Cabot’s heart surgery, Dr. Marka was called to consult on the case. The older French statesman would never remember the young boy who hid behind the tree away from the soldiers. The French leader, in pain and vulnerable, had no awareness that his murderous deeds were being called into account as he was transferred onto the surgical table.

So, here they were in the same room - an unconscious heart patient, full of evil deeds and a young, vibrant cardiologist who was to save his life.

“And for what?” Marka reflected bitterly. “A man whose hidden deeds reached out far and wide.” It was only fair that Cabot should ‘accidentally’ die on the table. Just as his father had ‘accidentally’ died or so the Algerian dispatches reported.

Twenty news reporters leaned over the glass encased balcony which separated from them from the operating room below. Three nurses prepped the patient, laid out delicate instruments, and counted the sponges. Marka knew exactly where to open Cabot’s chest. He had assessed the man’s height and weight to a millimeter. One cut a fourth of an inch off, and the aorta would rupture. The prime minister would then bleed out on the table – too quick for surgeons to cauterize the open artery. A life threatening surgery. Who could tell which way it would go? An ‘accident’ could be very quick and look completely innocent to the whole surgical team. No one would doubt.

Marksa’s hand was steady but his heart was conflicted. Rage poured over his emotions in vicious floods. It had been years since he had tasted the acid, bitter taste of watching his father murdered by Cabot’s men. The acid rose too quickly on his tongue. He felt his body throbbing with a deep desire for revenge.

He stood still and waited. Slowly and evenly, his breathing returned to his body. He remembered the Oath he took as a physician “to do no harm.” Through his mind washed the images of the hundreds of patients he had surgically changed – cleft palates in children, pacemakers in fragile older men, physical hearts he had mended so that they might beat again – strong and true. His spiritual essence, despite all his childhood trauma, was rising now in his consciousness, calming his heart pounding.
The surgical suite was completely quiet as all waited for Dr. Marka’ first incision. Both he and world renown Cardiologist, Dr. Philip Robbins, had worked on many cases together. They were surgical partners and beyond that, they were friends. Either could lead in an operation.

“Phil,” Marka exhaled deeply, “I want you to open this surgery. I will be your second, back-up surgeon this time.”

And with a nod, Phil nodded moved into position to open and repair Cabot’s heart.

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Want to be really frightening on Halloween? Because Face Reading is a 2,000 year old psychological system that connects facial features to actual personality traits, the following are facial features found as patterns in hundreds of criminals, WW II spies, felons, murderers and outlaws of the Old West. (See for my TV shows on "Dangerous Men to Avoid" or the Ch. in my Face Reading - brown book on this same site). After looking a hundreds of photos of felons, here are some PATTERNS of  frightening folks, which you could use for your Halloween face or make-up: (These are the real deal!)
*Major scaring across the cheek
*Chaotic teeth
*Whites under the pupils of the eyes
*Sunken cheeks (like when you suck on a lemon)
*Eyebrows both pointing at a downward angle to the nose
*A Hitler-type - patch mustache
*Very unusual shaped ears - with many twists and turns
Enjoy your Halloween!
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Your BEST Career?

What is The Career You were BORN to do?

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National Radio Show tomorrow Tuesday!

I am so looking forward to our interview, Barbara Roberts- tomorrow on A New View of Life Radio at 6 PM ET. Tomorrow on A New View of Life Radio, Face Reading Expert Barbara Roberts.Tomorrow on A New View of Life Radio, Face Reading Expert Barbara Roberts.

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Are YOU an "Old Soul?"

      Your Soul Age is revealed in your eyes - the Radiance and inner depth that your eyes radiate. In the following video on I talk about how to read your own Soul age and what this means for your happiness and your life. Please see the following morning TV show on "How to Read Soul Age." The deeper Soul Age reveals your deep maturity, compassion and spirituality. The younger Soul Age shows someone who is self-concerned and needs tight rules and regulations. Which are you? Take a look!

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Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of character reading. Abraham
Lincoln chose his Cabinet using these skills, and Aristotle used Face Reading to
hand-select the generals for Alexander the Great, who won dominion over the ancient
All life involves understanding others. Our personal success and happiness
depend on it. Face reading gives us the inner track in relationships. It looks at the
core of a person and tells us who he really is.
Your face tells the story of your life. Like a tracker in the Old West, everything
is there for someone who knows how to look. We look at people, but we don’t really
see them. Face Reading will teach you how to see and understand them as you never
have before.
With Face Reading the original idea is to list a person’s facial features and then
assign to each one psychological meaning(s) that would be true for that person. Our
emotional and spiritual life is recorded in the body, and especially in the face; so the
facial features express our innate way of thinking and behaving. (Example: rounding
in the cheeks and eye areas expresses more warmth and feeling, and these are the
facial feature meanings for those areas.)
I have taken the concept of facial features and divided them into three categories:
1. Those features we are born with (as in the shape of the ear lobe, eye color, hair
2. Features which reflect how we would like to look (make-up, hair coloring)
3. Those that are the result of accidents, skin cancer, orthodontia and/or plastic surgery
(scarring, facial burns, teeth straightening)
Because face reading focuses on facial features, which are universal for all ethnic
groups, ages, and genders, two people can be romantically compatible even though
they come from different continents or ethnic backgrounds. The key is that their
facial features are similar. For intimate relationships to be lasting and harmonious,
70% of the facial features for a couple must match or be similar. Would this get boring
to have someone whose inner flow is like ours? No. That is where the 30% difference
in the facial features comes in. It adds the spark or chemistry.
The secret to reading a person’s face is to read what you see and then look for
the consistent themes. (Please note that Face Reading is a tool for self-understanding
and introspection and is not a replacement for professional counseling or medical
When I started studying Face Reading in 1985, I read all the books on this topic
and realized that what made this system so difficult to practice accurately was that
in various books the same facial feature had contradictory psychological interpretations.
This was impossible to reconcile, and was at best very frustrating! Using my
clinical medical research background (UCSD), I took the data from 10,000 peoples’
faces (in my 500 classes and private sessions) and the feedback they gave me about
each of their facial features. The psychological meanings under each facial feature illustrated
in this book have been validated on a minimum of 50 people who said these
meanings are 100% accurate for them. So, this is how feature by feature, I compiled
hundreds of facial features and their psychological meanings.
In romantic compatibility we are comparing two faces. We are looking for 70%
similar and 30% different facial features. What does this mean?
“Matching” or “similar” Facial Features are:
1. Facial Features are exactly the same.
Both people have black hair or visible eyelids or square foreheads.
2. The eye colors are of the same intensity of color.
One has deep brown eyes, and the other has deep hazel eyes. One has light
blue eyes, and other has light green eyes.
3. The majority of the shapes of the features are similar.
Both have feeling predominant in their faces: rounded foreheads, round lower
eye areas, and full cheeks. Both have physical or angular features: huge
jaws, arched eyebrows and high cheek bones. Both have sensitive features:
narrow faces, fine bone structure, and close set eyes.
4. The textures in their features are the same.
Both have thick hair and eyebrows. Both have curly hair.
5. The radiance from the eyes is the same.
Eye radiance is the degree of warmth, compassion, and love that radiates
from a person’s eyes. It is the barometer for soul development.
But can people who are opposites attract and have happy lives together? Absolutely!
The facial features in this short booklet are just a few of the thousands of
features possible. Can your partner have none of these qualities listed for “Harmony,
Money, and Great Communication” and be a wonderful partner and parent? Of
course! It would be impossible to list all the facial features which make people emotionally
and spiritually unique and special.
In the following pages I have given just a beginning level of Face Reading – some
specific skills you can use to attract a wonderful partner. If you need extra help, please
contact me directly to get a personal face reading. I’ve helped hundreds of people to
choose satisfying careers that match their inner gifts and talents. For a reading, go to
my website and find “How to Get a Personal Reading” under the book section (www.

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     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's character from his or her Facial Features. Every feature has at least three psychological meanings for someone who has it, and in Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, (on or  I (Barbara Roberts) look at over 150 features and explain their inner meanings. This is certainly a help on Internet dating or on a 1st date!
      A news anchor, Laura Buxton, once told me, "If only I had know about you when it came to men, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!"
      The LIPS and the CHEEK areas will show the degree of feeling and personal warmth your date will be able to give you.  Here are some Cheek and Lip types and what they mean!
      Cheek Types:
ROUND CHEEKS - warm, loving, caring, big heart
FLAT CHEEKS - might be more mentally oriented, analytical, slow to express intense emotions
HIGH CHEEK BONES - loves to travel, wants to be self-employed, high spirited
      Lip Types:
LARGE, WIDE MOUTH - (Pres Obama) generous, affectionate, warm hearted
TINY MOUTH - (Henry 8th)  self absorbed, has rich fantasy life, may be dangerous to cross swords with
THIN UPPER LIP, BIG LOWER LIP - person who takes in information and doesn't gossip, good with personal confidences
HUGE LOWER LIP - (Elvis) sensual, sultry
      It's important to look at the whole face and combine all the features together. The above a general meanings.

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