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This week's comment from a Reader

face reading, September 15, 2010
By masews
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

I found FACE READING-HOW TO KNOW ANYONE AT A GLANCE totally enthralling. I first heard of this when I saw Barbara Roberts on the Tyra Banks Show. I could not wait to get her book and I was not disappointed. It sheds a whole new light on interpersonal communication. SHoild be on everyone's MUST READ list.

A Therapist's comment on my Face Readings....

"Dear Barbara, I am sending you grateful compensation for the help you have given so freely and lovingly recently. Thank you for your friendship and your professional expertise! I love your broad understanding and
practicality." (note from a San Diego psychotherapist who refers clients to me)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

OCT 9 - ENCINITAS - LIVE CLASS! Mini-Face Readings!

At the Soul of Yoga (Trisha and Tom's GREAT! yoga center in Encinitas) I'll be doing an afternoon class on - 
To register please phone:
     I'll be reading many of the faces of class members and talking about the spiritual path, yoga, inner work and how this all shows in the face. I've looked at 6,000 faces in my 25 years of private practice, classes and 50 national/local TV shows. Please come join us!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NEW $12 PDF DOWNLOAD for What is Your BEST Career?

"The CAREER you were born to do!" SEe book section for this site, red letters for PDF!
Also check out the 2 videos from this week on San Diego Living-6 and KUSI for the same topic under "Barbara Roberts - Face Reading."

FOX 5 TV + NEW PDF download on "IS (S)HE THE 'ONE'?"

FOX 5 TV Romantic Compatibility. Look on this site (under books) for NEW $12 PDF on How to KNOW  if the person your dating is a long-term romantic match for you!

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The CAREER you were BORN TO DO! One client's experience on


By Davis:
"I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara (Roberts) was a Light on my Path. Her intutive skill enabled me to find myself and my BEST career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara is my ANGEL!"
Always glad to help. xoxo Barb

ALI + ROBERTO - What do their faces say?

Is this a love match? Is it actually going to work? Will it be a good marriage?
Jake would have been a disaster for Ali, but Roberto's face shows: "What you see is what you get."
Stay tuned - by Monday - the TV FOX 5 SHOW Morning News Interview Ali and I did about their relationship will be up on!
In the meantime, check out the two NEW Morning News shows on THE CAREER YOU WERE BORN TO DO on
I've got a NEW PDF DOWNLOAD of Careers and facial features (see the book area of this site) AND
a NEW PDF DOWNLOAD on IS (S)HE THE ONE? Romance and Dating....:Barbara

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ali the Bachlorette interviwed me today

on Fox 5 TV Morning News. This segment will appear this week (probably by Thursday) on under "Face Reading - Barbara Roberts." I really enjoyed Ali - We spoke of Roberto and were they compatible? I thought they made a great match! Both very genuine people. I said to her, "what I see about him is 'what you see is what you get.' " And she said, "When I met his father, that's the first thing he said about Roberto." (Check out for the Morning News segment on the Bachlorette.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

People in the KNOW review Barbara's (brown) BOOK


"A Facinating and Well Written Gem!", May 19, 2010 By L. Ghirla -
I have been interested in face reading for many years. 'Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance' really illustrates and explains this ancient art. Barbara Roberts makes it easy to see why people are the way they are!I believe it could be an invaluable tool for business and personal decisions involving people that you are not familiar with.
I also had a personal face reading with Barbara Roberts which was equally fascinating and fun! Barbara's talent is truly a gift. I highly recommend this book and a reading from Barbara Roberts.
"Best Book to Learn Facereading," May 16, 2010
By Mantradevi (Nevada City, CA USA) -

In person Barbara is a wonderful, talented face reader. She's incredibly intuitive and sees deeply into people's true natures. This book is reflective of her qualities. it's clear, concise and very insightful. Most importantly, it contains the basics for those who don't have face reading knowledge and then goes deeper into the subject for those who already have an understanding of the subject. The practice and worksheets for developing your own skills are invaluable. The whole book is easy to read, well thought out and organized. Barbara's stories are great! I've read many books on face reading and this is the best one I've come across. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

"Easy to use and help guide to understanding people," May 15, 2010 By Uddhava (Portland Oregon)

Teaching others to read faces is where this book excels. It is simply laid out and easy to follow with many illustrations and real pictures. It starts off with a questions and answer interview with Barbara. This section is fun and informative but also helps you understand why Barbara is considered an expert in this field. The next section has stories from her 20 years of experiences as a face-reader. They include stories about a woman's connection with Padre Pio, a friend of Oprah's, a morning new's show analyzing Bill Clinton's face, and several other interesting stories. The rest of the book is on faces and it's interpretation. I am finding this book extremely helpful in understanding in my everyday interactions with my friends and co-workers.

Oprah's (past) Producer's comments on Barbara's Face Reading

Jorge Insua (also past Cristina talk Show producer):
"The first time I went to Barbara it was like meeting an old friend. Barbara started me on my journey to self-awareness. When I am with her I feel a sense of calmness and inner peace."

TYRA BANKS comments on Barbara's Face Reading

Tyra to Barbara: "I loved having you on my talk Show and I definitely applaud and thank you for taking a similar stand to honor ethnic diversity in all ways in your work."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The brown book has more kind words from readers.....

Best I've Read on this subject; the author shows she knows her craft exceptionally well., July 12, 2010
By S. Farmer "Sandided" (Half Moon Bay, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)
I received the book quickly, and it is the best I have read so far. I am slowly trying to digest it. This is a topic I have studied for years, but this is a different approach to the subject that makes a lot more sense than the other books I have read. This author obviously knows her craft exceptionally well, and is therefore able to communicate this effectively in the book, so that the reader leaves not only understanding, but being able to apply the various principles with practice and study.
Sandy Farmer, Half Moon Bay California

Amazingly helpful, July 12, 2010
By Nikki (San Diego)
I am new to Barbara's books and classes. She was recommended to me by a friend and from the Tyra Banks program. This book is extraordinary clear, precise and accurate. Not only have I learned more about reading other people, but I have learned some very helpful insights about myself. I have gained insight into some of my own characteristics, like why I am able to spend money freely. I have also learned why some of my relationships with people (bosses, friends, family) in my life have either worked or haven't. It is also fun to watch TV or read People Magazine to learn more about actors by using the knowledge I've gained from Barbara's book and to predict whether or not relationships will work out!

I recommend this book for anyone who has a curiosity about how to pick better jobs (based on their boss) and relationships; and anyone who wants to live a fuller and more meaningful life. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Wonderful! Amazing! Right on!, July 11, 2010 By Adreienne
Barb's system in her book is based on facts (and is accurate) not heresay. You can discover the hidden truth in each person through their face. I found this enlightening. Loved reading it!! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Put the info to use on the first day, July 5, 2010  By justino -
Barbaras book is very easy to follow and you can put the information to work the second you open it up. You will start to look at people in a very different light right away.


New post- fun, huh?

LIFE CHANGING!!!, July 15, 2010
By Kay Elliott (Texas, United States)
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

This book is the most life changing book (besides the Bible) that I have ever read. My interactions with people have gone to a whole new level now that I can see their heart and not just the facade that we all present. It has also helped me to more compassionately raise my children. I now know them at a much more intimate level and can parent them in ways that are very specific for each of them. You will DEFINITELY LOVE this book! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

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My book reviews on from readers!

Fantastic!, March 11, 2010
By Linda S. Szabo -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)
Incredibly accurate! Barbara's book has you looking at people in a different way. Very interesting. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Excellent Book, March 8, 2010
By Happy Sojourner (Montana, USA)
This book is an excellent book for the beginner Face Reader. It is very basic, simple to follow with good illustrations and photos and leaves you wanting to go deeper into the subject. I hope the author will add another book with more illustrations and details to build on the knowledge in this book. The first in a series, is my hope! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

March 4, 2010 By Laurie A. Baum "Laurie Baum, MSW" (Encinitas, Ca)
Barbara Roberts' newest book, Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance, is a gem! You will very quickly learn how to understand the various personality traits represented by the features on our faces by reading Barbara's very clear, fun-to-read book, and practical book. Barbara is a highly, highly intuitive face reader whose years of experience and remarkable perceptions come shining through in her latest book. After reading Barbara's book, You'll never look at faces the same way again! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

A MUST READ, February 26, 2010
By Vishwanath Balasubramanian "Vishwanath B. Iyer"
I read this book @ one go,so did my wife, we could not put it down. My wife has already started reading faces. Barbara is a face reading authority. Some of things she told me about myself were astounding. She uses both the science of face reading and intuition to predict. She is one of a kind. I personally know her and she is one of the sweetest people you will come across. I highly recommend the book.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 BOOK REVIEWS of my (brown) book. 62***** Ratings!

By davis -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback);
I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara (Roberts) was a Light on my Path. Her intutive skill enabled me to find myself and my BEST career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara is my ANGEL!

Enlightening, July 20, 2010
By Frederique H.
I had read several books on face reading before I found Barbara's. I love the simplicity of this book. It is a quick read and it is organized as a catalogue, so you can easily refer to it later on. I like the wire-binding because the book can stay open on a table and I can write my own notes on it.
At first, I was a bit turned off by the drawings - which didn't look very human! - but I then realized how useful they were to help me remember the feature being analyzed! The photo beside each drawing also makes it very clear, when you look at a human face.
Finally, Barbara mentions the intuition part of a reading, and I am glad she insisted on this aspect because the science part is never enough with this kind of reading (I read hands, so I know)
After ordering and receiving the book, I decided to have a private reading by phone with Barbara. She is a very nice and very accommodating lady and her reading was extremely accurate. I am very happy I purchased her book and I communicated with her. Well done, Barb! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

I LOVE this book! Amazing!, July 19, 2010
By Meg -
I refer to this book all the time when I meet people. It is a great reference. A MUST buy! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The CAREER you were born to do! It's in your face!!

“In this tough economy – Are you making a job change? going back to school to retrain? a college student wanting to know your life career path? Your BEST CAREER is in your face! This 2,000 year old science of reading character says that your facial features reveal your innate talents or personal abilities.

How does it work? There are 3 parts of the face: the forehead, cheek area and jaw/chin. The forehead shows skill for that person in mental/cerebral jobs – The cheek area shows jobs which work with people’s feelings – The jaw/chin shows jobs which are physical/outdoors. The area which is the strongest or biggest shows your inner talents. Each of your facial features has a psychological meaning. The facial features below are consistent with people who are happy at these jobs. Barbara developed these patterns by looking at 6,000 people.

3 Parts of a face show your BEST CAREER: (Which are you?)
1. Mental: (Forehead) for analytical jobs, computer, medical, engineering jobs: Other Facial features - Close-set eyes, high eyebrows, tall-wide forehead, small eyes
2. Feeling: (Cheeks) for communications, teaching, real estate, counselor jobs: Facial features - Rounded forehead, large ears, thin upper lip/large lower lip, round face
3. Will: (Jaw/Chin) for physical/outdoor jobs: fireman, athlete, personal trainer,

For more information, PDF DOWNLOAD is available (near book section on this site):
"The CAREER you were born to do" $12 - facial features drawings and photos of the 4 major types of careers. Match your face to your inner talents!

NEW Face Reading Story! September, 2010


The ER nurse hung the normal saline drip and cleared the IV line. Overhead a Life Flight announced “Industrial Accident: 58 year old Caucasian, 3 crushed ribs, right femur fracture, severe head concussion with increased intracranial pressure.” Lori looked up to see an immobile body of a man on a stretcher being wheeled into her stall. An O2 mask was in place over his mouth and nose. Thick red blood saturated a carpenter’s shirt, and his right leg was covered with a blue air cast. Three paramedics rushed to surround the bed for the gurney transfer of “Jimmy,” a man who had been found without an ID working alone on the scaffolding of the Holden’s construction site. The police were looking into his identity.

“He hit the ground hard from 15 feet when the wires must have broken. He’s been unconscious the whole time. I don’t know if he’ll make it,” the medic next to her gave report.

“We need a type and cross match on him,” the doctor turned to her. “He’s lost too much blood already.” She glanced at the man and saw that his eyelids were shut, swollen and dark blue. His cheeks were scraped skin and muddy blood. He was hardly recognizable.

Lori had been in the ER for over twenty years, and she had a calm daily rhythm even with severe trauma cases. As her hands worked quickly, she drew blood gases and placed the EKG leads on his chest so his heart rhythm would show on the monitor.

It was a rural hospital in a forested area of the state - a poor population with people out of work. They needed her here. The first day she came, the hospital administrator added her immediately to the 11-7 Shift. The doctors were appreciative of her gift in establishing immediate rapport with patients. She had a calm confidence and quick medical responses. Last year Lori had even been selected for “Nurse of the Year” for Lakeview Memorial Hospital. Pictures, flowers, and her Bio appeared in the local paper. For two weeks she received free breakfast coffee and donuts in the cafeteria.

Her life had not always gone so well. When she was in her twenties, she married Randy Tragg, a construction foreman for Fairfield Industries. He had moved up the latter in the company to where he was supervising thirty workers. Randy could walk any scaffolding with the grace of a gymnast while belted down with five hammers at his waist. Even though they hadn’t known each other very long before they married, they were happy. He would get home from work early so they could spend some time before her Shift. Randy wasn’t much of a people person, and Lori was his only social contact. He would spend most of his off hours watching sports and downing a six pack. When Lori would come home from the hospital in the morning, Randy would have already left for his job site.

As time went on she noticed empty scotch and vodka bottles next to the beer cans as she cleaned up in the morning. She began to worry about him and his health as only a nurse could do. “Perhaps he’s dehydrated on his job,” she thought, but even to her that sounded lame.

Then the beatings started. For no particular reason he’d yell at her and slam her into the kitchen cabinets if she didn’t get his dinner on time. She called in “sick” many times. The ER staff would see her lacerations and bruises and know immediately what was happening. And she was ashamed.

One day she woke up and decided it was time to leave him. She had started reading books on domestic violence and realized she was a victim. She needed to make some major changes and fast. So her best friend helped her get a new job in a new state. A new start. She dyed and cut her hair, lost fifteen pounds, and changed her eye color with contact lenses. When she applied for a nursing job in the ER, she asked the staff to call her by her full name, “Laurel Ann.”

Her divorce papers were filed from a P.O. Box in a town two hours from her home. And when Randy signed them, she promptly forgot about him. It had been a bad deal between them.

In her new life she started observing her responses to various types of people. At the end of her marriage she had become passive and subservient to Randy. Although sometimes she soothed herself by making him ‘wrong’ and hating him, a healthier part of her wanted to understand why she drew him and why she stayed with him. She never wanted a violent relationship again. Lori took assertive classes at the local college, and the new Lori felt strong and powerful as she verbally stood up for herself. She began praying in the mornings and turning her life over to a Higher power. Her next-door neighbor started her on running, and they would compete to see who would reach the Henderson’s fence first. Inside and out, she was becoming a different person. The bitter memory of the ‘marshmallow’ who was abused by Randy Tragg was fading.

One night when she was searching the Book section of, she came across a book called FACE READING – How to Know Anyone at a Glance. On the back cover a San Diego Morning News anchor had said, “If only I had known about Barbara (and Face Reading) when it came to men, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!”

Grief. She certainly understood “grief” when it came to men! So she got the book and studied the pages on “Romance.” She identified what facial features to look for in a loving man. She even drew a picture of an ‘ideal match’ as outlined in the book. She took the book to work and read the faces of all her co-workers. They thought it was great fun and lined up to see her on their breaks.

One night as she was reading it, she came upon the chapter on “Dangerous Facial Features.” She stopped breathing. Lori rushed to the closet to get out an old photo of Randy. For the first time, she really looked at his face closely using the facial features from the book: His small mouth, angled unibrow eyebrows, his short forehead, the horizontal line across the bridge of his nose, and his left eye with the white sclera under the pupil. All his facial features where listed in the “Dangerous Facial Features” section.

Patterns. Facial Feature Patterns she could learn from so she didn’t make the same mistake twice.

“His vitals are stable, and we’ve got a bed for him on 4 North,” the physician pushed past her as they heard an approaching siren announcing another trauma patient. As Lori moved to put a clean hospital gown over “Jimmy’s” bare chest, she noticed a dark, triangular mole on his left shoulder. It seemed very familiar, but she couldn’t place it. Then, she looked up into his face. She was looking into the face of Randy Tragg, her former husband.

Her chest stopped moving. The fingers holding his IV froze. Lori’s first instinct was to run before he opened his eyes and recognized her. But her legs were stiff toothpicks and wouldn’t move. Panic poured over her in gushing torrents. And then came the rage. For the times he had hurt her – damaged her body, damaged her mind. For years she gave her power over to him. She hated him for taking it. She hated herself for giving it.

Then, she became aware of how isolated they were in the curtained off cubicle in the ER. The rest of the staff was at the far end of the ward working on some in-coming fire fighters. In her lab coat she had a half syringe of Mr. Weldon’s heart medication which he hadn’t needed. She had forgotten to “waste” it - shot the liquid into the trash can and discard the used syringe. She knew that Randy was highly allergic to this same medication, and that it would be untraceable in his blood stream. A quick injection into the IV port, and it would go straight to his heart. She could be ten feet away when his monitors went off announcing his cardiac arrest. No one would ever know. So tempting. So tempting. Everyone knew that things happened fast in the ER. An “accident” could be covered over so easily when they were short staffed.

Her head went back, and she shook it violently as though to wake up from what felt like a bad dream. “No, no, no. I have come too far,” she told herself. She was healing from him. She wanted her whole life in front of her. God could help her to have power over the evil that was pouring through her mind. She could change. She could choose to let go of his negative hold over her heart by letting go of her hatred for him. Her hatred would live or she would live. She needed to live. She needed to move on.

She turned to him and put up the guard rails on his gurney. Then she called for the orderly to take Randy Tragg to 4 North.

(c) Copyright, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.