Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Friend Andrew Needs Your Help, An Inspirational Story

I have a friend Andrew who is doing a truly important project.  Andrew is making a documentary and creating an awareness campaign for Parkinson's disease.  I have seen all of Andrew's work as he has progressed as a filmmaker and he has always sought work that has some deeper importance and meaning.  Andrew's own father, cousin and Grandfather have Parkinson's disease.  

The documentary, Ride with Larry, is about a retired police captain, now beloved small town baker who despite having Parkinson's for 20 years wants to motivate other Parkinson's patients by cycling across his state.  As he travels, Larry will be stopping to speak to other Parkinson's patients and show the little known benefits of cycling in helping Parkinson's.  Andrew will be there to film him.

The whole documentary will inspire those suffering from any life-altering illness, to bring the power of keeping a positive mind and an active body to those who need it most, to those who have been diagnosed, their family, and friends.

A photo Andrew took of Larry in his bakery.

Recently, Andrew showed me the trailer for his film and it literally brought tears to my eyes.  It moved me to write to you and ask for your help.

Please watch the trailer and you'll see why.

The film is trying to raise money online through a website called Kickstarter.  I attached the link below this message.  If he doesn't raise the full amount by the end of their deadline they don't get anything and it will be very hard for him and his team of filmmakers to travel and tell this IMPORTANT story.

Andrew told me there are over 1.5 million people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the United States alone.  That means there are more than double that number of family and friends who are deeply affected by this cause.  Find ten people you can send this to and ask them to do the same.  If we all contribute just a little bit this holiday season, then I think he can quickly reach his goal.  

Here is the link, just click the box below:

Here are other ways you can share with friends: 
Link to page:

Thursday, October 21, 2010


     Face Reading gives the inside track to why people do what they do. The case of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas was very confusing for those of us in the public - as both of them (whose stories where opposite!) could not be telling the "truth." And now Mrs. Thomas wants an "apology"? What's going on?
     The right side of a person's face reveals what they do at work, how they present themselves to the public. The left side is their private life, who they are when no one is looking, their inner character. In watching the original footage of the case, their faces tell all. The left and right sides of Judge Thomas' face were completely different. (It reminded me of OJ Simpson's face during his trial.) His right side was steady, articulate, convincing, but his left face was in shock, incredulous, shamed that he was accused.  In my opinion Judge Thomas did SOME of the things Anita Hill accused him of, (as I watched the left side of his face while he denied them all). It is my personal belief that he (like everyone to some degree) had a very dark side which he couldn't integrate with this deeply "religious, rigidly focused" personality. My thought was that he "didn't remember" what he had done so when accused of wrong doings he came across as deeply "honest and convincing." As for Anita Hill the white under the sclera of her left eye made me wonder if she exaggered many of the stories she told about his sexual harassments. I think the truth lies somewhere in Anita Hill 60% telling the truth, and Clarence Thomas 40% telling the truth.
     As to Mrs. Thomas now asking for an "apology." I wonder if her observing her "religious" husband, probably still deeply disturbed by this incident (understandably) combined with her misplaced desire to "spiritually make this right" led to this request. I feel for their family, but I don't feel her request for "an apology" brought the Thomas family the healing they are seeking. It comes across to me as naive and sad. Instead, it whipped up their unresolved horrible case that damaged both Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. It put it again in the public spotlight where no one wins, and there is no healing.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

From a Reader - about my book on Face Reading

To everyone— Quick question, if you could know anyone from a glance, how would that improve your life? Honestly, I wasn't sure how to answer that. About a year ago I found this book by Barbara Roberts called "Face Reading-How to know anyone at a glance." I was a totally skeptical, so I researched Barbara online. I was so surprised and impressed at what I've seen of her. I mean for a quick easy examples just check out any of her 20 videos on youtube. "" Anyways, after a lot of research I ordered one of her books and wow... I've learned soo much! and the craziest thing about it all, is how freaking accurate her books are! It's a 2,000 year old science! Her books are also the only kind that integrates every age, sex, ethnicity, which makes it so easy to learn. Even today I still study up on the topic. I just want all my friends to know that this skill has made my life so much easier, and it can help anyone out in all aspects. If your single, it can help you find person you want without wasting a lot of time with someone you'll find out that wasn't your type. You can build rapport with people so much faster and easier when you know what type of person your talking to. This can help you get a Job in this crappy economy. This will help you avoid conflicts with strangers. I've gotten soo many awesome friends knowing people that are like me before I even talk to them. You can also learn a lot about yourself as well! Like what type of career would you be the happiest in, even if you have no idea. Anyway, I think I've made my point. Any other questions, just ask me, but seriously consider one of her books. You won't regret it. P.S. She is also like the only author on to have like 100 reviews, that are ALL 5 Stars. Very Very Awesome ;) so check it out!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This week's comment from a Reader

face reading, September 15, 2010
By masews
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

I found FACE READING-HOW TO KNOW ANYONE AT A GLANCE totally enthralling. I first heard of this when I saw Barbara Roberts on the Tyra Banks Show. I could not wait to get her book and I was not disappointed. It sheds a whole new light on interpersonal communication. SHoild be on everyone's MUST READ list.

A Therapist's comment on my Face Readings....

"Dear Barbara, I am sending you grateful compensation for the help you have given so freely and lovingly recently. Thank you for your friendship and your professional expertise! I love your broad understanding and
practicality." (note from a San Diego psychotherapist who refers clients to me)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

OCT 9 - ENCINITAS - LIVE CLASS! Mini-Face Readings!

At the Soul of Yoga (Trisha and Tom's GREAT! yoga center in Encinitas) I'll be doing an afternoon class on - 
To register please phone:
     I'll be reading many of the faces of class members and talking about the spiritual path, yoga, inner work and how this all shows in the face. I've looked at 6,000 faces in my 25 years of private practice, classes and 50 national/local TV shows. Please come join us!

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NEW $12 PDF DOWNLOAD for What is Your BEST Career?

"The CAREER you were born to do!" SEe book section for this site, red letters for PDF!
Also check out the 2 videos from this week on San Diego Living-6 and KUSI for the same topic under "Barbara Roberts - Face Reading."

FOX 5 TV + NEW PDF download on "IS (S)HE THE 'ONE'?"

FOX 5 TV Romantic Compatibility. Look on this site (under books) for NEW $12 PDF on How to KNOW  if the person your dating is a long-term romantic match for you!

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The CAREER you were BORN TO DO! One client's experience on


By Davis:
"I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara (Roberts) was a Light on my Path. Her intutive skill enabled me to find myself and my BEST career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara is my ANGEL!"
Always glad to help. xoxo Barb

ALI + ROBERTO - What do their faces say?

Is this a love match? Is it actually going to work? Will it be a good marriage?
Jake would have been a disaster for Ali, but Roberto's face shows: "What you see is what you get."
Stay tuned - by Monday - the TV FOX 5 SHOW Morning News Interview Ali and I did about their relationship will be up on!
In the meantime, check out the two NEW Morning News shows on THE CAREER YOU WERE BORN TO DO on
I've got a NEW PDF DOWNLOAD of Careers and facial features (see the book area of this site) AND
a NEW PDF DOWNLOAD on IS (S)HE THE ONE? Romance and Dating....:Barbara

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ali the Bachlorette interviwed me today

on Fox 5 TV Morning News. This segment will appear this week (probably by Thursday) on under "Face Reading - Barbara Roberts." I really enjoyed Ali - We spoke of Roberto and were they compatible? I thought they made a great match! Both very genuine people. I said to her, "what I see about him is 'what you see is what you get.' " And she said, "When I met his father, that's the first thing he said about Roberto." (Check out for the Morning News segment on the Bachlorette.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

People in the KNOW review Barbara's (brown) BOOK


"A Facinating and Well Written Gem!", May 19, 2010 By L. Ghirla -
I have been interested in face reading for many years. 'Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance' really illustrates and explains this ancient art. Barbara Roberts makes it easy to see why people are the way they are!I believe it could be an invaluable tool for business and personal decisions involving people that you are not familiar with.
I also had a personal face reading with Barbara Roberts which was equally fascinating and fun! Barbara's talent is truly a gift. I highly recommend this book and a reading from Barbara Roberts.
"Best Book to Learn Facereading," May 16, 2010
By Mantradevi (Nevada City, CA USA) -

In person Barbara is a wonderful, talented face reader. She's incredibly intuitive and sees deeply into people's true natures. This book is reflective of her qualities. it's clear, concise and very insightful. Most importantly, it contains the basics for those who don't have face reading knowledge and then goes deeper into the subject for those who already have an understanding of the subject. The practice and worksheets for developing your own skills are invaluable. The whole book is easy to read, well thought out and organized. Barbara's stories are great! I've read many books on face reading and this is the best one I've come across. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the subject.

"Easy to use and help guide to understanding people," May 15, 2010 By Uddhava (Portland Oregon)

Teaching others to read faces is where this book excels. It is simply laid out and easy to follow with many illustrations and real pictures. It starts off with a questions and answer interview with Barbara. This section is fun and informative but also helps you understand why Barbara is considered an expert in this field. The next section has stories from her 20 years of experiences as a face-reader. They include stories about a woman's connection with Padre Pio, a friend of Oprah's, a morning new's show analyzing Bill Clinton's face, and several other interesting stories. The rest of the book is on faces and it's interpretation. I am finding this book extremely helpful in understanding in my everyday interactions with my friends and co-workers.

Oprah's (past) Producer's comments on Barbara's Face Reading

Jorge Insua (also past Cristina talk Show producer):
"The first time I went to Barbara it was like meeting an old friend. Barbara started me on my journey to self-awareness. When I am with her I feel a sense of calmness and inner peace."

TYRA BANKS comments on Barbara's Face Reading

Tyra to Barbara: "I loved having you on my talk Show and I definitely applaud and thank you for taking a similar stand to honor ethnic diversity in all ways in your work."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The brown book has more kind words from readers.....

Best I've Read on this subject; the author shows she knows her craft exceptionally well., July 12, 2010
By S. Farmer "Sandided" (Half Moon Bay, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)
I received the book quickly, and it is the best I have read so far. I am slowly trying to digest it. This is a topic I have studied for years, but this is a different approach to the subject that makes a lot more sense than the other books I have read. This author obviously knows her craft exceptionally well, and is therefore able to communicate this effectively in the book, so that the reader leaves not only understanding, but being able to apply the various principles with practice and study.
Sandy Farmer, Half Moon Bay California

Amazingly helpful, July 12, 2010
By Nikki (San Diego)
I am new to Barbara's books and classes. She was recommended to me by a friend and from the Tyra Banks program. This book is extraordinary clear, precise and accurate. Not only have I learned more about reading other people, but I have learned some very helpful insights about myself. I have gained insight into some of my own characteristics, like why I am able to spend money freely. I have also learned why some of my relationships with people (bosses, friends, family) in my life have either worked or haven't. It is also fun to watch TV or read People Magazine to learn more about actors by using the knowledge I've gained from Barbara's book and to predict whether or not relationships will work out!

I recommend this book for anyone who has a curiosity about how to pick better jobs (based on their boss) and relationships; and anyone who wants to live a fuller and more meaningful life. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Wonderful! Amazing! Right on!, July 11, 2010 By Adreienne
Barb's system in her book is based on facts (and is accurate) not heresay. You can discover the hidden truth in each person through their face. I found this enlightening. Loved reading it!! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Put the info to use on the first day, July 5, 2010  By justino -
Barbaras book is very easy to follow and you can put the information to work the second you open it up. You will start to look at people in a very different light right away.


New post- fun, huh?

LIFE CHANGING!!!, July 15, 2010
By Kay Elliott (Texas, United States)
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

This book is the most life changing book (besides the Bible) that I have ever read. My interactions with people have gone to a whole new level now that I can see their heart and not just the facade that we all present. It has also helped me to more compassionately raise my children. I now know them at a much more intimate level and can parent them in ways that are very specific for each of them. You will DEFINITELY LOVE this book! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My book reviews on from readers!

Fantastic!, March 11, 2010
By Linda S. Szabo -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)
Incredibly accurate! Barbara's book has you looking at people in a different way. Very interesting. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Excellent Book, March 8, 2010
By Happy Sojourner (Montana, USA)
This book is an excellent book for the beginner Face Reader. It is very basic, simple to follow with good illustrations and photos and leaves you wanting to go deeper into the subject. I hope the author will add another book with more illustrations and details to build on the knowledge in this book. The first in a series, is my hope! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

March 4, 2010 By Laurie A. Baum "Laurie Baum, MSW" (Encinitas, Ca)
Barbara Roberts' newest book, Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance, is a gem! You will very quickly learn how to understand the various personality traits represented by the features on our faces by reading Barbara's very clear, fun-to-read book, and practical book. Barbara is a highly, highly intuitive face reader whose years of experience and remarkable perceptions come shining through in her latest book. After reading Barbara's book, You'll never look at faces the same way again! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

A MUST READ, February 26, 2010
By Vishwanath Balasubramanian "Vishwanath B. Iyer"
I read this book @ one go,so did my wife, we could not put it down. My wife has already started reading faces. Barbara is a face reading authority. Some of things she told me about myself were astounding. She uses both the science of face reading and intuition to predict. She is one of a kind. I personally know her and she is one of the sweetest people you will come across. I highly recommend the book.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 BOOK REVIEWS of my (brown) book. 62***** Ratings!

By davis -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback);
I was in a very dark place trying to sort out what to do with my life and career, and Barbara (Roberts) was a Light on my Path. Her intutive skill enabled me to find myself and my BEST career. I feel God sent her to me as an answer to my prayers. Now abundance is pouring in. Barbara is my ANGEL!

Enlightening, July 20, 2010
By Frederique H.
I had read several books on face reading before I found Barbara's. I love the simplicity of this book. It is a quick read and it is organized as a catalogue, so you can easily refer to it later on. I like the wire-binding because the book can stay open on a table and I can write my own notes on it.
At first, I was a bit turned off by the drawings - which didn't look very human! - but I then realized how useful they were to help me remember the feature being analyzed! The photo beside each drawing also makes it very clear, when you look at a human face.
Finally, Barbara mentions the intuition part of a reading, and I am glad she insisted on this aspect because the science part is never enough with this kind of reading (I read hands, so I know)
After ordering and receiving the book, I decided to have a private reading by phone with Barbara. She is a very nice and very accommodating lady and her reading was extremely accurate. I am very happy I purchased her book and I communicated with her. Well done, Barb! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

I LOVE this book! Amazing!, July 19, 2010
By Meg -
I refer to this book all the time when I meet people. It is a great reference. A MUST buy! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The CAREER you were born to do! It's in your face!!

“In this tough economy – Are you making a job change? going back to school to retrain? a college student wanting to know your life career path? Your BEST CAREER is in your face! This 2,000 year old science of reading character says that your facial features reveal your innate talents or personal abilities.

How does it work? There are 3 parts of the face: the forehead, cheek area and jaw/chin. The forehead shows skill for that person in mental/cerebral jobs – The cheek area shows jobs which work with people’s feelings – The jaw/chin shows jobs which are physical/outdoors. The area which is the strongest or biggest shows your inner talents. Each of your facial features has a psychological meaning. The facial features below are consistent with people who are happy at these jobs. Barbara developed these patterns by looking at 6,000 people.

3 Parts of a face show your BEST CAREER: (Which are you?)
1. Mental: (Forehead) for analytical jobs, computer, medical, engineering jobs: Other Facial features - Close-set eyes, high eyebrows, tall-wide forehead, small eyes
2. Feeling: (Cheeks) for communications, teaching, real estate, counselor jobs: Facial features - Rounded forehead, large ears, thin upper lip/large lower lip, round face
3. Will: (Jaw/Chin) for physical/outdoor jobs: fireman, athlete, personal trainer,

For more information, PDF DOWNLOAD is available (near book section on this site):
"The CAREER you were born to do" $12 - facial features drawings and photos of the 4 major types of careers. Match your face to your inner talents!

NEW Face Reading Story! September, 2010


The ER nurse hung the normal saline drip and cleared the IV line. Overhead a Life Flight announced “Industrial Accident: 58 year old Caucasian, 3 crushed ribs, right femur fracture, severe head concussion with increased intracranial pressure.” Lori looked up to see an immobile body of a man on a stretcher being wheeled into her stall. An O2 mask was in place over his mouth and nose. Thick red blood saturated a carpenter’s shirt, and his right leg was covered with a blue air cast. Three paramedics rushed to surround the bed for the gurney transfer of “Jimmy,” a man who had been found without an ID working alone on the scaffolding of the Holden’s construction site. The police were looking into his identity.

“He hit the ground hard from 15 feet when the wires must have broken. He’s been unconscious the whole time. I don’t know if he’ll make it,” the medic next to her gave report.

“We need a type and cross match on him,” the doctor turned to her. “He’s lost too much blood already.” She glanced at the man and saw that his eyelids were shut, swollen and dark blue. His cheeks were scraped skin and muddy blood. He was hardly recognizable.

Lori had been in the ER for over twenty years, and she had a calm daily rhythm even with severe trauma cases. As her hands worked quickly, she drew blood gases and placed the EKG leads on his chest so his heart rhythm would show on the monitor.

It was a rural hospital in a forested area of the state - a poor population with people out of work. They needed her here. The first day she came, the hospital administrator added her immediately to the 11-7 Shift. The doctors were appreciative of her gift in establishing immediate rapport with patients. She had a calm confidence and quick medical responses. Last year Lori had even been selected for “Nurse of the Year” for Lakeview Memorial Hospital. Pictures, flowers, and her Bio appeared in the local paper. For two weeks she received free breakfast coffee and donuts in the cafeteria.

Her life had not always gone so well. When she was in her twenties, she married Randy Tragg, a construction foreman for Fairfield Industries. He had moved up the latter in the company to where he was supervising thirty workers. Randy could walk any scaffolding with the grace of a gymnast while belted down with five hammers at his waist. Even though they hadn’t known each other very long before they married, they were happy. He would get home from work early so they could spend some time before her Shift. Randy wasn’t much of a people person, and Lori was his only social contact. He would spend most of his off hours watching sports and downing a six pack. When Lori would come home from the hospital in the morning, Randy would have already left for his job site.

As time went on she noticed empty scotch and vodka bottles next to the beer cans as she cleaned up in the morning. She began to worry about him and his health as only a nurse could do. “Perhaps he’s dehydrated on his job,” she thought, but even to her that sounded lame.

Then the beatings started. For no particular reason he’d yell at her and slam her into the kitchen cabinets if she didn’t get his dinner on time. She called in “sick” many times. The ER staff would see her lacerations and bruises and know immediately what was happening. And she was ashamed.

One day she woke up and decided it was time to leave him. She had started reading books on domestic violence and realized she was a victim. She needed to make some major changes and fast. So her best friend helped her get a new job in a new state. A new start. She dyed and cut her hair, lost fifteen pounds, and changed her eye color with contact lenses. When she applied for a nursing job in the ER, she asked the staff to call her by her full name, “Laurel Ann.”

Her divorce papers were filed from a P.O. Box in a town two hours from her home. And when Randy signed them, she promptly forgot about him. It had been a bad deal between them.

In her new life she started observing her responses to various types of people. At the end of her marriage she had become passive and subservient to Randy. Although sometimes she soothed herself by making him ‘wrong’ and hating him, a healthier part of her wanted to understand why she drew him and why she stayed with him. She never wanted a violent relationship again. Lori took assertive classes at the local college, and the new Lori felt strong and powerful as she verbally stood up for herself. She began praying in the mornings and turning her life over to a Higher power. Her next-door neighbor started her on running, and they would compete to see who would reach the Henderson’s fence first. Inside and out, she was becoming a different person. The bitter memory of the ‘marshmallow’ who was abused by Randy Tragg was fading.

One night when she was searching the Book section of, she came across a book called FACE READING – How to Know Anyone at a Glance. On the back cover a San Diego Morning News anchor had said, “If only I had known about Barbara (and Face Reading) when it came to men, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!”

Grief. She certainly understood “grief” when it came to men! So she got the book and studied the pages on “Romance.” She identified what facial features to look for in a loving man. She even drew a picture of an ‘ideal match’ as outlined in the book. She took the book to work and read the faces of all her co-workers. They thought it was great fun and lined up to see her on their breaks.

One night as she was reading it, she came upon the chapter on “Dangerous Facial Features.” She stopped breathing. Lori rushed to the closet to get out an old photo of Randy. For the first time, she really looked at his face closely using the facial features from the book: His small mouth, angled unibrow eyebrows, his short forehead, the horizontal line across the bridge of his nose, and his left eye with the white sclera under the pupil. All his facial features where listed in the “Dangerous Facial Features” section.

Patterns. Facial Feature Patterns she could learn from so she didn’t make the same mistake twice.

“His vitals are stable, and we’ve got a bed for him on 4 North,” the physician pushed past her as they heard an approaching siren announcing another trauma patient. As Lori moved to put a clean hospital gown over “Jimmy’s” bare chest, she noticed a dark, triangular mole on his left shoulder. It seemed very familiar, but she couldn’t place it. Then, she looked up into his face. She was looking into the face of Randy Tragg, her former husband.

Her chest stopped moving. The fingers holding his IV froze. Lori’s first instinct was to run before he opened his eyes and recognized her. But her legs were stiff toothpicks and wouldn’t move. Panic poured over her in gushing torrents. And then came the rage. For the times he had hurt her – damaged her body, damaged her mind. For years she gave her power over to him. She hated him for taking it. She hated herself for giving it.

Then, she became aware of how isolated they were in the curtained off cubicle in the ER. The rest of the staff was at the far end of the ward working on some in-coming fire fighters. In her lab coat she had a half syringe of Mr. Weldon’s heart medication which he hadn’t needed. She had forgotten to “waste” it - shot the liquid into the trash can and discard the used syringe. She knew that Randy was highly allergic to this same medication, and that it would be untraceable in his blood stream. A quick injection into the IV port, and it would go straight to his heart. She could be ten feet away when his monitors went off announcing his cardiac arrest. No one would ever know. So tempting. So tempting. Everyone knew that things happened fast in the ER. An “accident” could be covered over so easily when they were short staffed.

Her head went back, and she shook it violently as though to wake up from what felt like a bad dream. “No, no, no. I have come too far,” she told herself. She was healing from him. She wanted her whole life in front of her. God could help her to have power over the evil that was pouring through her mind. She could change. She could choose to let go of his negative hold over her heart by letting go of her hatred for him. Her hatred would live or she would live. She needed to live. She needed to move on.

She turned to him and put up the guard rails on his gurney. Then she called for the orderly to take Randy Tragg to 4 North.

(c) Copyright, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

INTERNET DATING (Short Story by Barbara Roberts)

MatchU4Love Dating Service

Jason sighed. If this date were any more of a gold digger, she’d be on his lap taking out his fillings. He really needed to changed his “MatchU4Love” Profile on the “Income” line. Take off the “millionaire” entry. Yes, he owned his own company and was darn proud of it, but perhaps he shouldn’t advertise it on first dates.

Back at his desk, he told Keri, his budget manager that he’d be in “conference” and went in to reread his “Man on the Go Looking for Independent Woman” Profile title bar. “OK. Got to rework this one,” he mumbled. “I’ll leave the photo - after all, I’m tall, dark, and handsome – and humble.”

After fifty eight dates – women who were tall, short, blonde, brunette, red head, corporate investors, homemakers, childless, with children, rich, poor, he’d reached his limit for even a “man on the go.” Perhaps an image change? Perhaps a lobotomy.

He cleared Keri’s desk as he walked out of the office on his way to lunch. She looked up. Sensitive to every nuance of his walk, she inquired, “Bad days, eh, Jason?” They were attuned to each other not because they were steamy closet lovers at work, but because she was his sister. They’d been competing siblings over cookies and Mom, but now they had settled into harmonious bantering.

“Keri, I’m lost in this dating world. Help me! Help me! You are my only hope,” he did his best impersonation of Princess Leah talking to Obi-Wan. His sister put down her Excel printout and looked into his very blue but sad eyes. “You know I read all the current women’s self-help books,” Keri began in the way only an older sister can totally bore a brother to tears.

He controlled his gag reflex. “SO?” He rolled his eyes indicating if he heard any more feminine psychobabble, he would ask God to reincarnate him as a turtle.

“Well, there’s this woman who went on Tyra Banks last month. Her name is Barbara Roberts, and she wrote a book called FACE READING – How to Know Anyone at a Glance. It’s the new way to find romance. Tyra really like her. Look here,” she motioned to an open page from the book. “See, you have these facial features: Blue eyes, Square forehead line, Vertical line above your nose, Strong jaw, Good naso-labial lines,
Wide mouth, Large ears, Full cheeks. So the ones that would be an ideal match for you could be:
Blue-gray eyes, Rounded forehead line, Strong jaw and chin, Naso-labial lines that circle around the mouth,
Full, balanced lips, Rounded cheeks.

“You’ve been ‘looking for love in all the wrong places,’ my little brother. Get off “MatchU4Love,” and stop paying that gypsy at “Cupid will Deliver.” He immediately confiscated the FACE READING book from her desk, tucked it under his arm and left the office in a far better mood that he’d been in in a long time.


It was midnight. He had read the whole book. My face has Patterns. All I need to do is just match the Patterns in my face to the Patterns in her face!

“There might be hope,” and he turned over to face his German Shepard, Massie, who as currently take up half of his bed. “They’ll soon be someone to replace you, my girl.” He gave her an affectionate ear scratching.

Not long after, he was at the airport meeting his client, Phil. The plane was delayed, so he got his Starbuck’s caramel latte and blueberry scone and popped open his paper to wait. A woman carrying a laptop approached the seat next to him. Blue silk suit holding a cell phone. He looked over just in time to catch a “HI-nod” and went on reading the local news.

When she finished talking and started adjusting her tea bag in her cup, she tuned to ask, “Waiting for the Phoenix incoming flight?”

“Yep. My client Phil is on it. How abut you?” As they spoke he regarded her closely. She seemed awfully familiar for someone he had never met. Then his mind clicked into the facial feature composite of his “ideal” woman. Cassie. One after one, he counted off their compatible facial features from his list. In his mind he mentally he was begging God for this, but he was trying not to grovel. He was chaffing at the bit to ask if she was single and was practically salivating as he listened to her describe her normal life. When she wanted to know about his life and interests, he was incredulous. By the time Phil walked out of Gate 24, Jason had already planned the wedding and bought his tuxedo.

After he introduced Phil to Cassie, he turned to her. “Here, let me give you my card.” They both said the same thing at the same time. Cassie blushed. He smiled.

As he guided Phil into his office and passed Keri’s desk, Jason gave her the thumbs up-signal and mouthed, “I’ll tell you later.”

Well, Massie and Arnold, Cassie’s German Shepard, became a regular on walks in the park, Friday night movies at home, Saturday picnics and morning coffees. Together they watched the seasons change and laughed and talked through Christmas, Easter and July 4th.

In the Fall Jason turned to Massie before he set his alarm for work, “Massie, it’s time you start sleeping on the floor. Cassie and Arnold are coming to live here.” He thought he saw Massie smile before she rolled over and started snoring.

(c) Copyright, Barbara Robert, May, 2010. All rights reserved.

Children's Spiritual Short Story

                                                        The Princess and The Gardener

Alabaster straightened his legs and shook the dust from his hands. He was hidden behind the ferns in the fountain he was planting for the emperor. At one time he had been a brave knight leading troops into battle, but his face had been burned and scarred in one siege. So, he wore a mask to cover his deformity so that he would not frighten the children and the women would not pity him. The court artist had woven the mask to resemble the face Alabaster had had before the burns. The king had given him the role of Royal Gardener for the palace. At least he was still useful to his to his liege, so he was happy.

His fingers went to rest on the hoe as he watched the scene at the far end of the courtyard. Princess Lisette was being led by her maid to a stone bench surrounded by his Glory roses. Her woven long hair was filled with sunshine. The pink silk and damask laced gown was the color of her blushing cheeks as each suitor approached her. The runners had spread the word thoughout the provinces that the Princess was seeking a husband, so men – brave and tall, short and pudgy, merchants and princes came forward. Some of the knights boasted of their conquests, others flaunted velvet jackets and laced shirts. And some became mute when they saw her beauty. She regarded all with quiet humility. Princess Lisette listened, nodded and smiled. But she refused them all.

Her father, the king, paced before her seat, “Darling, you have to accept one of them! I need an heir. Please!”

Lisette replied, “Papa, I need to find someone I love. I refuse to marry someone I don’t love.” A similar discussion between them ensued week after week. The king would shake his head and pace with exasperated sighs.

The Princess looked forlorn. She was firm, but being loving and kind by nature, she really wanted to please her father. Alabaster noted with admiration her skin, her hands and her modest smile. He had memorized each of her gowns and silently and secretly adored her.

This afternoon as he was planting the Glory red roses, he heard a quiet weeping coming from her direction. Immediately, he stopped and turned to see the Princess sighing and softly dabbing her eyes with a lace cloth. He wanted to comfort her with all his heart but was hesitant as he

was only the gardener. Then, he realized the real reason was that he was ashamed of his facial burns and the mask he wore to cover them.

So, he placed himself near her chair, but remained hidden. “My lady, I am only the gardener, but I wish to know why you weep. Please tell me the reason for your sadness.”

Princes Lisette turned to the area of the ferns to see a tall and muscular man in simple garb. His hands were large and strong, but his face was obscured by the foliage.

“Sir, for weeks my father, the King, has been trying to find a suitor for my hand in marriage. Though many men have come to me, none of them move my heart.” She inhaled a sob.

Alabaster’s facial burns had deepened his sensitivity to other’s sorrows and unfulfilled longings. In his heart he had lived a million lives in his one body, and his heart had seen and touched it all.

”My lady,” he began, “I understand the heart’s longing for pure love.“Pure love alone can satisfy. Divine Love alone can heal. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

Comforted that someone understood her inner feelings, the princess turned to him and asked, “And how is it a gardener speaks with such wisdom? Will you tell me your story and how you have come to know of such things?” And so began many conversations and a friendship between the two. Every week Alabaster would put a perfect Glory on her chair. His heart would quicken when he saw her satin gowns entering his floral cave. Sometimes they would talk between suitors. She understood his thoughts and shared his observations. And they laughed. Week after week his secret love for her grew.

“Love can heal. Love can change you. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

By fall the leaves were red and yellow canopies above the alcove. All week he would go over the words he would say to her. He reviewed her mannerisms, her smiles. And even though he told her “Love can heal,” in his own heart, he believed she could never love him. His face was burned beyond recognition, and he was afraid to be seen without his mask.

The princes from the outlining provinces had come and gone on horseback. The king was going bald from tearing out his hair, and the Queen had stopped eating for her worry over Lisette. The Princess was given an ultimatum that she must choose a husband or be banished to that outer forest with her maid.

When Alabaster brought her morning beverage, Lisette spoke up, “My friend, we have spent months talking and coming to understand each other’s inner hearts. I know you are noble and true. You voice is the one I hear in my mind when I go to sleep and when I awaken at dawn. But, Alabaster, I so long to see your face as it really is. Please show me.”

The gardener was shocked by her request and felt deep sorrow. “Princess, what we have now must be enough. I cannot show you my face as in battle it was scarred and changed. I fear that if you saw me as I really am, you would be horrified and banish me from your sight. My heart would break if I could not be your friend.”

Lisette looked at him with a firm gaze, “I know who you are inside, Alabaster. That is enough for me. Please take off your mask so that my fingers might stroke your wounds and give you comfort. Your burns must make you feel lonely, and I seek to give back to you a portion of the love you have given me.” And she became quiet and waited.

“Love can heal. Love can change you. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

So for the first time since the battle, he reached for the artificial covering over his face and carefully removed the mask. He waited for her shock and horror. He waited for a gasp or scream. And nothing came. He looked up into her deep eyes to a smiling face.

“My beloved,” she said lovingly, “Your face has become the same as the mask.”

“Love can heal. Love can change you. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

To the joy of the king and all the land, the royal gardener was wedded to the princess. The king got a wig. The country gave a huge banquet for the wedding, and the queen started eating again.

© Copyright, July, 2009. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved. Barbara Roberts at: www

Abraham Lincoln's White House Cabinet

Abraham Lincoln emerged from the War Room tired and sick at heart. He had just come from the battlefield where he visited the tents of the surgeons. In his throat Lincoln could still taste the smell of cauterized flesh. His mind held the continuous image of sobbing widows in black long dresses. Hopeless, orphaned sons and daughters cried at the doors of the homes waiting for their fathers, who would never return.

Although he had surrounded himself politically with those who had opposed him and wished for his nation to be open to all men and all views, the president was acutely aware of that political incompetence meant wounded soldiers and dead men. His heart was filled with quiet grieving, and the Great War never left his heart for a moment.

“To even have a healthy son reach adulthood was a miracle of God,” he reflected. “So many epidemics of flu or cases of consumption. Even a body soaked with rain on a wintry day might be lost by nightfall.”

So that some of the city’s young bucks dreamed of the ‘battle cry’ and fighting to prove their manhood angered him deep in his soul. That the young people romanticized war gave him lingering sadness. If only they saw what he had seen. Brothers in battle together – one kneeling over his dieing loved one, intestines spread across the dirt. And no grieving, they say, can compare to a parent who has lost a son. He had Todd, and he knew what the all encompassing love of a father could be. Protective and tender at the same time.

And how cruel men and nature could be to the human flesh. Some was Fate. War was choice. He was determined to end the War as quickly as he could. Send just one son home to his Mama - one son who might never have had a chance on the battlefield. It would be worth one son - whole and well.

So much rested on the integrity and capabilities of the men he chose for his Cabinet. His leaders must be of the highest caliber. Strong, fearless and true. They must be understanding of his people, their children, and the future of a great nation. Everything was at stake now. Of the Cabinet he had chosen, some were from different states and had different backgrounds. He liked that about them. He chose them by looking closely at their military records, their letters of accommodation, and by reading their characters. He tried not to miss anything. As president he could not control much, but he could hand-select his men who would make national decisions. That was his job. The destiny of a nation at War depended on it. He must not fail his people.

When he was younger, the Illinois lawyer had met with one obstacle after another. Some eight at least, he reflected. Many elections lost. To others he seemed like a complete failure. But in each political skirmish he had learned to look at people closely and assess their nuances of personality. So their behavior or decisions would never surprise him. He knew more about some people than they knew about themselves, but he kept his own council. He studied the ancient system of physiognomy (Face Reading). Ten feet from a prospective juror or witness in a trial, he could turn the fate of a legal outcome. Lincoln could laugh and weave a good story with the best of them, but inside he had the instincts of a cougher. He looked at people and saw them – beyond artifices, fancy verbiage and fine clothes. He would laugh at a child’s story and shun an arrogant general.

Short Story by Barbara Roberts
One afternoon as his Cabinet assembled in the White House, the sun’s hot fierceness poured through the room. Men were loosening their neck clothes and removing their bulky jackets, wiping their forehead with large white hankies. All stood as Lincoln entered the room. His hands rose palms down to motion them to be seated.

“I understand that today we are reviewing the application for Lt. James McNeed, who wishes to be Secretary of the Treasury. Will those of you who have letters of accommodation, military files and written testimonials abut him, please step forward.” Lincoln seated himself behind the mahogany desk and opened his right hand to receive the papers. Letters from Generals, teachers, red wax sealed missives about Lt. McNeed were handed over. The pile was so high that by the time Lincoln had read them all, the sun was setting. The men were eager to get into their carriages and return home to their wives and dinners.

“Well,” Lincoln began, “he seems an ideal candidate form these dossiers. His war record is impeccable, and I can find no fault with anything I have read about this man. Let us meet him now, so we might to return to a quiet evening with our families. Bring Lt. James McNeed to me please.”

The side door opened, and the attending army aide ushered a man in uniform into the room. He came to stand directly in front of Abraham Lincoln. The president’s gaze was powerful and searching as he regarded the officer. Lincoln was reviewing Lt. McNeed’s facial features, as system called Face Reading, which he had learned when he was a young lawyer. It helped him to accurately read a person’s character. In his mind, Lincoln made note of Lt. McNeed's features: a dimpled chin that was short, a chin which receded back to tuck behind forward thrusting front teeth, an uneven forehead hairline, a tiny, tight mouth (that looked like a man set on a vinegar drink), strange ears which protruded out from his head at odd angles, a mouth that upturned like a joker (but McNeed wasn’t smiling), and a thick unibrow eyebrow. The president reflected that he looked like a rat. And then Lincoln remembered the words of Aristotle, the first great scholar in science of physiognomy: “If you look like an animal, you are it!” (You will have the similar temperament to that animal.)

What was curious about McNeed, Lincoln thought, was that as he answered each direct question, his eyes would shift, almost retract visibly. Then, they would become clear and present. It seemed to happen when the questions involved his military record. Lincoln had learned to recognize this eye change as “cloaking,” and he had seen it often in spies of all sorts. The president paced up and down, his head down and reflective before his men.

He made his decision and turned to the group, “Please leave us, Mr. McNeed.”

And after the man disappeared down the corridor, Lincoln turned to the curious Cabinet members and said, “I don’t want this man anywhere close to me.” Lincoln pounded his open flat hand onto his desk as the astonished group gasped and was riveted to attention. “Show me a man who is forty who is not responsible for his face.” With that he pulled in his vest and with long strides left the room.

Weeks later a news bulletin emerged from a Border state with an artist’s rendering of an escaped convict, Walter McNeed, who had been incarcerated for killing his brother, Lt. James McNeed, and stealing his military papers. The murdered brother, Lt. James McNeed had been a valiant soldier, decorated in battle. And for those who studied the facial drawing closely, the man who had stood before Lincoln had been none other than Walter McNeed.
(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts. May, 2010. All rights reserved.

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More Book Reviews from AMAZON.COM on (brown) FACE READING book!

                                                     Very Helpful Book, October 13, 2009
By Jeff L. Calcara (Cardiff by-the-Sea, CA) -
Well written, and offers much clearly-presented and useful information. Highly recommended. I have studied face reading for more than twenty years and find it to be a very accurate and helpful field of study.
                                                Fascinating and useful, September 14, 2009
By Elizabeth Doak -

Barbara Roberts provides much in this short book!! As a psychologist I find her book eminently useful, it provides me with helpful hypotheses, and is strikingly accurate.

                                                            Amazing book! Mark M., PhD, September 12, 2009
By Mark P. Malay, LMFT (Oceanside, CA)

I have been attending Barbara's face reading classes on and off for the last 15 years. Barbara consistently demonstrates a depth of understanding others and doing so with great accuracy and finese. She is warm, compassionate and nurturing to her class. This book is an extension of those qualities.

This book is the third edition I have read over the years and by far the best to date. The lay out style makes it a quick read allowing for quick uptake and application of basic concepts. Plus she includes sections with more challenges and in-depth insights. There are exercises and worksheets that engages the reader allowing for enhanced skill development. Plus she offers a little coaching on how the novitiate can approach others. Of course, the end result is a better understanding of one's self as well as others.

                                    Single folks can save time w/this knowledge!, September 9, 2009
By M. Nickell (Solana Beach) -

This books is not only incredibly helpful understanding bosses, family, friends and associates, I find it most useful for those of us seeking a life partner! This provides me w/another tool when trying to decide who is worth investing my time getting to know and perhaps better understand other's characteristics. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

                                                           Amazing Book!!!, August 26, 2009
By N. Vicente -

This book was a great read. It was well laid out and very user friendly. Barbara did a great job of making the concept of face reading something anyone can do. She is an amazing writer and I have read some of her previous work. I have gone to some of her face reading sessions and since our first meeting I have utilized this skill. I found her stories to be fascinating and I cannot wait for her next piece of work to come out. This book is truly a must have.

                                                     Facinating and informative, August 13, 2009
By Nancy Hunter -
I found this fascinating...the graphic pictures and explainations made it very easy to understand. It is fun and interesting to be able to know people better just by looking more closly at the facial characterisitcs the auther described. I started to see my co-workers differently..loved it. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

                                                               Fascinating Read, August 11, 2009
By J. L. Levin -
I loved reading this book! It was my first foray into "face reading". Barbara does a wonderful job breaking down the information with clear examples. Anyone who is interested in people and getting along with others should read it.

Current AMAZON.COM Reviews on the (brown) FACE READING book

                                                              FABULOUS!, April 10, 2010
By DeeDee -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

The lessons I have learned from Barb's book not only in my personal but my business life have been invaluable. I use the book each day of my life for positive results. I can't wait for the next book!

                                                              A skill for anyone, April 10, 2010
By Ann L. Loth -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

Barbara's book is well-laid out for the novice face reader. Once you start to learn this information/skill you will be so fascinated that you will want to learn more and more, and be amazed at how many areas of your life you can apply this to.

                                                                Fabulous book!, April 10, 2010
By Diane Stacey -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

The book is fabulous. It's a book that you can use as a reference repeatedly when questioning a person's character. I highly recommend it for one's reference library.

                                                                           Great!, April 6, 2010
By Ava Pemberly (Seattle, WA) -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

First of all, let me start by saying that Barbara is one of the nicest individuals you'll ever meet, she really cares about her work. The book is really interesting, it's set spiral notebook style, like an instructional book you get at college, she condenses all the information in about 100 pages, which is lovely, so that way your not toting around a 5 lb. book. I also love that she has diagrams and examples for every characteristic she talks about it, her book is really easy to understand. I liked it a lot!

                                                          Barbara is never wrong!, April 5, 2010
By Pond Princess (San Diego) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

I've seen Barbara on the news, on TV shows, and in person. She is consistent and correct! This book puts a really great weapon in your arsenal when you are put in the position of assessing someone. I highly recommend it.

                                                    Very useful and accurate!, April 4, 2010
By Inamakah (Valley Center, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

This book has helped me to understand people better by analyzing their facial characteristics. It is an amazing tool, and it works even better if you take a workshop with Ms. Roberts! A very fun experience, and one that I highly recommend!

Another Book Review about FACE READING

Practical and Insightful, October 16, 2009
By Ron Arko "Dr Ron" (Balboa, CA) -

This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

As a therapist, I use the information in Barbara's books every day. She is uniquely qualified to teach on the ancient science of Face Reading/ Profiling. This book and her previous ones are considered among a dozen of the most helpful and valuable books I have ever read (out of kazillions). This is not a toy! This is serious and accurate information that must be handled with care and respect. But having said that, I cannot imagine anyone who could not use extra help to understand others. How do I give a 6 Star rating again? Dr Ron

AMAZON.COM Book Review!

Should be read by all in law enforcement, May 1, 2010

By Andrew VanWagenen (Loudonville, NY USA) -
This review is from: Face Reading: How to Know Anyone at a Glance (Paperback)

I heard Ms. Roberts as a guest on WPYX radio in Albany, New York during a recent morning commute. She was promoing her book "Face Reading" and she confirmed a theory I had always felt. I am retired police officer and when I was a rookie almost twenty-five years ago I arrested a man that attempted to murder a female desk clerk of a motel. He stabbed her when she fought back against his rape attempt. After I arrived at the station and was in the process of "booking him" I noticed the sclera under both his eyes showing, with his right eye being more prominent. I remember wondering what he looking at on My forehead. The suspect also never seemed "connected" to how serious the crime was. When he did connect his eyes were dark, vacant,and "evil". This man plead guilty to attempted murder, attempted rape and in a plea agreement was sentenced to 8 1/4 to 24 years in state prizon. As my career advanced I noticed the "same" eye pattern in most cases of incest, child abuse, domestic violence, serious assaults, and also in drug addicts and "hardcore" alcoholics. So when I heard Ms. Roberts promoting this book and speaking of the meaning of the prominent sclera I was amazed. I ordered her book that morning and received it in a few days. I read most of the book in one sitting and was astounded at the number of other "truths" someones face showed. This book should be required reading of all new police recruits. Ms. Roberts' book teaches how to read facial features, many of which, would be very useful to any police officer or investigator.

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NEW "FACE OF EVIL" John Gardner...see

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In tough economic times...HOW TO READ YOUR BOSS' FACE

      Face Reading will give you the Intutive Edge in Business. Will your boss be generous or stingy? Is he/she a perfectionist or someone who wants you to be relaxed around him? Will he understand if you are late for the meeting as your son has the flu? The face of a person reflects his emotional and spiritual essence and personality - how a boss relates to information, money, and what he wants from his employee. Study this 2,000 year old science of behavior closely!
     The secret KEY to keeping your job is to provide the best service you can in whatever field you are in.     To do this, you have to be able to read what another needs at the moment - whether it be your boss or your client(s) whose happiness with you will reflect in your 'stats' with the company. Before we look at faces, here are some extra tips that work:
     Some visual cues for harmony on your work Team:
     Dress in the color that is your eye color. This helps others to like you and feel in tune with you. Also, wearing a beautiful color of blue (not navy) radiates sincerety.
     Hints to reading your Boss' face show in the EYEBROWS! Here are the facial features and their psychological meanings:
LOW-SET EYEBROWS (close-set to the eye) - The boss is easy to talk to and wants you to be at ease. Communication is of paramont importance here, and as with all jobs, ASK your boss how he prefers the communication: E-mails, 5-min knock on his door to discuss problems, phone calls, etc.
HIGH-SET EYEBROWS (eyebrows a few inches above the eyes) - This boss has high standards and is very loyal to people he/she values. Do not become familiar with this person. If you treat this boss with respect and give quality work, that stands for a lot.
ARCHED EYEBROWS (angled) - This boss may be dramatic, emotional, or just love music/plays/art/theater. Be careful here to not take eveything personally if this boss is having a rough day. It might not be about you at all.
FLAT EYEBROWS (straight across). This boss loves working on projects and has great concentration. Perhaps an introvert also. He does not like being interrupted, so if the door is closed, don't knock unless the fire engine is a the building.
For more informaton or JOBS + CAREERS that will match YOUR face, see my book:
Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance by Barbara Roberts
on or amazon. PDF*/IPAD/paperback. (*Please only use ebooks* from my site. All others do not honor my copyright of my writing.) Please follow me on Facebook/Twitter as "FACE READING - Barbara Roberts"
(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts, November, 2011. All rights reserved


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Easter - Spiritual Short Story

                        Choosing a Leader of Destiny
                                     By Barbara Roberts (

In a distant territory the elders of a court were gathered around the bed covers of their dieing king. His elderly wife bathed his hands and gently massaged his feet to comfort the aged ruler in his last moments. The monks sat near-by praying with deep devotion that God guide their beloved king to the highest realms of the Heavens. Outside there marble towers, the king’s army had heard the rumor of his immanent passing, and the young, buck warriors were already fighting for supremacy and boasting of their personal prowess and lioness strength.

“I’m the best.” “I am the strongest.” “I deserve to be king.” “I will be the next ruler.” “Fight me for the throne.” Restless echoes of jostling male egos and a surfacing panic created a deep turmoil in the peaceful realm.

“A new beginning must come now. Against our will, our noble king lies dieing, and we don’t know how to replace him. Finding a monarch so loving and devoted to his people will not be an easy task,” said one minister.

As the royal one took one last surrendered breath, the assembled ministers and holy monks knelt in prayer. “Lord, who has given our nation this very righteous leader, do not forsake us for our worldliness or ignorance. We ask that in your Divine mercy you help us to choose our next ruler so that our people might continue in peace and prosperity.”

One of the wisest and most trusted of the king’s ministers was a mystic named Acara. Clear of avarice and sympathetic to all people, he was the mentor and guide for the younger ones. The king had loved him the most, because he could lean on him heavily for advice. Even the monarch, who had possessed clarity beyond most mortals, knew that one still needs true friends and advisors who speak frankly and could not be bought.

Acara spent subsequent days and weeks walking the rural market places and busy streets of his country so that he might assess the changing emotions and energy of his people. He prayed continually that he might be guided to a predecessor for the king, who would be fearless, brave, and kind. One morning after prayers, an unusual intuition came to him. All of nature marks creatures by patterns. The black widow spider’s red back is different from the house spider’s brown. One is dangerous, the other helpful. One snake is poisonous, the other helps the gardens. One knows this by the markings on their skin. If nature makes this so apparent, what of the faces of men? Could there be facial markings that appear consistently in great souls? Facial features that marked a man for a powerful Destiny?

Long and many years had Acara studied the face of his beloved king as he listened to him, advised him, and was his friend. He had lovingly memorized the monarch’s every line, crease and feature. The thought came to him that nature herself might show him how to find a man of Destiny if he could remember all the facial features of the monarch and those he had seen in foreign kings and noble statesmen.

And here was the list he wrote:
Eyes which radiate kindness and nobility
Full cheeks of rounded softness
Large, wide jaw, which was both powerful and fearless
Balanced lips that naturally upturned at the edges
Mouth that smiled and love to laugh
Clear eyes that saw all, yet were not petty
Thick, full hair that shown with radiant health
Large, inner ear hole that allowed sound to enter easily
Forward chin for bravery

“And so here is what I must look for.” Acara put down his pen, “It matters not if this man be a merchant, forest dweller or wealthy prince. These facial features reveal greatness of character. So his background, color, or position in life will not matter. I will keep an open mind that God and nature herself might guide me.” And so he stood up, put his water and scanty food into his pack and started his long journey.

Acara walked for days and months meeting and looking at hundreds of men –farmers, merchants, monks, great archers, and cunning warriors. Yet none possessed the facial features from his list. When he had almost given up his quest, a traveler told him of a hut in the woods where there lived a saintly man named Narada. Without stopping to rest or even taken his evening meal, Acara directed his footsteps into the forest.

The minister reached the hut quickly and was greeting warmly by the young Narada. Tired, but excited from his travels, Acara looked deeply into the face of the young man as he searched for the facial features of Destiny. Mentally he checked them off one by one. Narada had them all. Acara sighed and gave inner thanks that his journey for a new ruler might at last be at an end.

So excited was he, that the minister immediately blurted out his request, asking Narada to come rule the country. Unlike others Acara had met who were only too eager to take the throne, (but for the wrong reasons), Narada was taken aback by the request. He raised both his hands in the air to push away the offer.

“Honored minister,” Narada began, “I know nothing of ruling a kingdom. I am not trained in the art of politics or dealings with nations. I am a simple man - at one with nature. You need a great warrior or a man who has mastery over delicate words to lead your people. I do not possess the skill or power to maneuver those who wish for power, prestige or wealth. I would lose my way and be of little use to your citizens. Ask the Divine One to guide you to one more suited to your needs.”

The white cloaked elder bowed his head before the clear humility of the younger soul, “Narada, we have seen warriors and men of verbal adeptness. Through centuries we have seen them rise and fall, unable to sustain our people’s love. Our court looks now for a ruler with a pure heart. For we have learned that a king rules as he lives.

We need a man of holiness even if he is untrained in the webs of politics and contract negotiations. For despite the restlessness or worldliness of our people, they know when a monarch loves them. They know when a man is centered in God. For he is just, kind and fair. His calmness in decisions of court goes beyond his emotions or personal opinions. He rules with a generous hand. He holds nothing back from his heart.

“The young ones among us must see this altruism lived out or they will completely forsake the ways of their elders. And the elders, whose bodies have become frail, must see the embodiment of their struggles and dreams carried out by a worthy successor. Our kingdom must be ruled by a man of inner greatness. Again, my lord, we offer you our kingdom to rule. Please do not refuse us. I beg of you.” With that Acara put his staff down and sat on the near-by rock.

Narada became quiet and thoughtful as he paced in front of his thatched cottage door. He turned his mind to God and quiet, deep introspection. “Acura, my respected counselor, let me offer your food and drink before we talk of this. Come. Lie down on the cot within my house that you might rest after your long pilgrimage. You must be very weary.”

Acura followed Narada into the simple one room dwelling to sleep and rest. Narada put cool cloths on the elder’s forehead and gave him the choicest delicacies from the fruit trees. The family of deer outside drew closer to the hut where their friend Narada resided. The forest peacefully rested on into the night, the big and important question of ruling a country absorbed into the sound of crickets and cool stillness of a full moon. Narada lay down on a mat near the bed where his new friend, Acara, lay sleeping. He felt for this old man whose only goal was the safety and protection of his people - a minister whose whole body and life span had been given up in service to guide and inspire the young, the old, the sick, the weak, and even the powerful.

And the young man asked for inner guidance about this issue of ruling a kingdom. In his secret heart he brought to flower the real reason that kept him back from the great honor, which at any juncture might become a great burden. Narada reflected, “What if I lose my way in the myriads of court intrigues, jealousies or maneuverings? I have no footing to keep me resolute in seeking goodness. What if I lose myself in the outer desires for wealth, power or restless longings? There could be no greater pain to my heart than to lose the inner communion I now feel.” With that thought he put his head to his mat and fell asleep.

He rose in the morning to make food for his friend and draw cool water from the well for their baths and refreshments. As he took down the metal pot for brewing the leaves from the trees, a new insight came strongly through his consciousness.

“What have I done to serve my land?” he asked himself, “I am young and strong. Though I am not perfect or trained, I am willing. I am willing to serve and give to the very limits of my physical strength and stamina. At least I can go and make my supreme effort to bring forth good. I will let go of my personal worries about my unworthiness and lack of skill. I will go with an attitude of conquest, service, and willingness to learn.”

He prayed out loud in the still air, “Lord, purify my heart that I might serve them in strength.”

With his new resolution and heart wide open to his new life, he stepped outside into the forest stillness. As if nature’s response was spontaneous and caressing, the talkative birds came to land on his shoulders. They began singing their joyous melodies. The mother and baby deer emerged from behind the bushes to gently lick his hands and to let him stroke the ears of the baby. Even the leopard, which always remained hidden by night and by day, came unabashed before Narada to say good-bye. The brown garden snakes lifted their heads as they approached the quiet hut of their friend. All nature came to love him and wish him well. He knew in his heart that this was God’s way of guiding him.

When Acara opened his eyes, Narada was sitting next to him with a banquet of forest delights for the guest’s morning nourishment. Fresh coconut juice from the trees, the softest and sweetest of mangoes, calming teas and honey, and perfectly cooked rice and lentils. Acara’s worn cloak had been washed and dried by the sunlight. And near Narada’s leg was a wooden bowl of special oil so that he might wash and rub the elder’s feet before the long trek back to the capitol.

The older minister, who had rarely received such personal service during the course of his travels, was touched and humbled. He said within his heart, “By your actions, Narada, you have shown me that I have chosen the right one to lead our people. Even in the midst of a personal challenge, you have sought only for my comfort, not your own. This will surely forebode well for our nation.” And he reached out his sun baked hand to bless Narada’s head.

After the morning prayers and food, Narada addressed the older man, “Great sir, I am moved by the offer you made me yesterday to rule your kingdom. I know that my background is unworthy of this honor. However, I am willing. I ask that God give me the Grace to move forward and be a strong, compassionate leader for your people. I ask that you and the other elders guide me through the intricacies of court life as I strive to do my best for you. I will go back with you. If I can be of genuine service to you and your nation, I will stay as long as you need me. If at any time you feel that I have lost my usefulness, please bring me back to this simple hut in the forest. And I will be content.”

And with that he packed his sparse belongs into his sack. The birds spread the good news through the trees. Hundreds of curious citizens gathered along the paths to greet the new king. Men held their children above their shoulders so that the little ones might see. Women dropped flowers in front of their feet on the dusty roads to the capitol. The young Narada ruled wisely for many years. He was just and fair in his court rulings over disputes. He cared nothing for jewels, so he put all the wealth he received back into the farmers’ lands and the children’s education. The people loved him, and he became a legend as he led them into a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity.

He ruled as he lived.

©Copyright, Barbara Roberts. March, 2010. All rights reserved.
Short Story from her book, Face Reading – How to Know Anyone at a Glance
Book available on:

Saturday, March 13, 2010


     Face Reading is an ancient psychological system for reading a person's character from his/her Facial Features. Every feature has a special psychological meaning (as you've seen in my NEW 2009 book,
Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance).
     Soul Age is a complicated deeper aspect of Face Reading as it looks at the amount of RADIANCE or inner love, joy and warmth that radiate from a person's eyes. Some of the great saints and saviors - Hoffman's famous painting of Christ, photos of St. Therese of Lisieux, Yogananda, Andamoi Ma, Brother Andre (the monk who lived in Canada - the St. Joseph's Cathedral is lined with bandages and crutches from all the people the monk healed!) and others. Soul Age is a universal quality so it doesn't matter what ethnic background, age or gender the person is. It goes beyond the psychological or the physical. It is the Inner Light of God radiating out from the eyes.
     What is fascinating at looking at the faces of the saints and mystics (I've looked at 6,000 in 350 classes on Face Reading) - is that often a man or woman of deep spiritual realization has had life struggles - health, poverty, relationships, or others, sometimes deep tests. These show in the facial features. So on the one hand, a criminal ALSO has these deep struggles which also show - perhaps as "dangerous" facial features.
    After looking a hundreds of photos of FBI Most Wanted, gangsters, criminals, WW II spies AND saints and mystics...the different between a "saint and a sinner" is this EYE RADIANCE.
    That's what shows an Old Soul.

(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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YOUR EYES - What does their COLOR Mean psychologically?

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's personality from his/her Facial Features. Barbara Roberts, author of Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance has looked at over 6,000 faces in 350 Classes (US Navy, Wells Fargo, YMCA, Jenny Craig, UCLA, Fortune 500). Here are some of the patterns of personality she's observed in EYE COLORS and WHAT DO THEY MEAN?
PALE BLUE EYES - peaceful, needs to develop more physical strength and endurance
BLUE-GRAY EYES - analyzes their emotions, problem solves, focused, mentally adept
HAZEL EYES - thinks 20 thoughts at the same time, needs variety at work, multitasks, easily bored
BROWN EYES - (*if not an ethnic feature/trait) family oriented, warm hearted, caring
(*If brown eyes are from the face of an Oriental, Hispanic, African American person, then go to others areas of his face - ie: lips, teeth, ears, etc. to analyze his character)
GRAY EYES - private, cool emotionally, able to keep affairs confidential
     Keep in mind that you need to read the whole face, all the facial features to understand a person's true inner being. For more information see: or the 10 TV Shows on under Barbara Roberts/Face Reading.
     For YOUR OWN Face Reading, see her web page: for tan box under the TV Shows, "How to Get a Face Reading." (Visa/Mastercard)

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

HIS (FACE) CHEEKS show what kind of LOVER he is!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of understanding a person's character from Facial Features. Every feature has at least 3 psychological meanings for someone who has it, and in Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance, I (Barbara Roberts) look at over 150 features and explain their inner meanings. This is certainly a help on Internet dating or on a 1st date!
     A news anchor, Laura Buxton, once told me, "If only I had know about you when it came to dating, I could have saved myself a lot of grief!"
     The LIPS and the CHEEK areas will show the degree of feeling and personal warmth your date will be able to give you. (See Blog on LIPS) Here are some CHEEKS and what they mean!
ROUND CHEEKS - warm, loving, caring, big heart
FLAT CHEEKS - might be more mentally oriented, slow to express his feelings
HIGH CHEEK BONES - loves to travel, wants to be self-employed, high spirited
SUNKEN CHEEKS - may have had lack of materal nuturing growing up/possible illness
     It's important to look at the whole face and combine all the features together.
     For more information, see: or the 10 TV Shows on
under Barbara Roberts/Face Reading.

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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1st Date? What's on His MIND? 5 Forehead Shapes + What they mean!

From  Face Reading - A (Short-Cut!) Companion to On-line Dating - Series of Blogs by Barbara Roberts (See for 10 TV Shows she did.)

     Face Reading is an ancient system of reading a person's character from facial features. Every facial feature has a corresponding psychological meaning to it. In the 6,000 faces (350 classes) I've read, there are PATTERNS in what the facial features signify.
    Forehead shapes and lines have to do with THINKING STYLE. Here are a few common ones:
TALL-WIDE forehead (President Obama) - (means:) humanitarian, thinks in big terms, strategist
SHORT forehead (Prince Harry) - impulsive, reactive
SQUARE shaped (hairline) forehead - works long hours, project oriented
ROUND shaped (hairline) forehead - people, people, people! Works well with the pubic
WIDOW'S PEAK - creative, hates to be told what to do, wants to be given the facts and then make their own project, non-conformist
VERTICAL LINE ABOVE NOSE (Winston Churchill) - goes in completely different direction than their family of origin, self-starter
THREE HORIZONTAL LINES  - parallel above the eyebrows (Bill Cosby) - $$$ wealthy! If you see that facial feature, marry him!
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

John Gardner's Face (Chelsea King case) - 8 Dangerous Facial Features!

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of reading a person's character from facial features.
     I've read 6,000 faces and been a Guest on 50 national/local TV/Radio Shows (TYRA BANKS,
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, INSIDE SAN DIEGO). After 9-11 the government asked me to do a project to identify facial features of terrorists, so I looked at hundreds of faces of FBI Most Wanted felons, Outlaws of the Old West, rapists, murderers, WW II spies, Hitlers's officers and using my skills of 25 years of face reading, outlined specific DANGEROUS facial features that were repeatably found as PATTERNS in each of their faces. (see: for TV Shows)
2009 NEW Book with ALL of the Dangerous Features: Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance by Barbara Roberts.

Here are the Dangerous Facial Features from John Gardner's face: 

(And if one or two of these are found in the normal population's faces, they are combined with good facial features, so the person is great. If however, many of these negative features are combined together, this becomes "dangerous.") ***You always look at the whole face to determine a character reading of a person.
1. The donut shape of his chin with the dimple the middle means "high sex drive."
2. The forward  jutting chin and large jaw can be "combative, aggressive."
3. The upper ear area is irregular and unusual, this meaning possible "distorted emotions."
4. The lower area of the eye is flat, which indicates "major trust issues."
5. The shape of the eyebrows is hooked (at the end), another sign for "emotional distress."
6. Small ears means he doesn't hear clearly what is happening around him. His is own "reality."
7. Horizontal line across the bridge of the nose, can be "violent."
8. Rage muscles in lower jaw are activated in his face.

For more information, contact Barbara Roberts at
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

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1st Date? Dangerous Facial Features: "Face Reading - A (Short Cut!) Companion to On-line Dating"

     Face reading is a 2,000 year old system for reading a person's character from his or her facial features.
     After 9-11 I did a short project with the government to identify specific facial features found in terrorists to be used for baggage checkers at the airports. In working on the project I looked at hundreds of photos of FBI Most Wanted, murderers, gangsters, WW II spies, Hitler's Third Reich, outlaws of the Old West. In my work of over 30 years, in 6,000 faces (Guest on 50 national/local TV Shows) most people have GREAT faces. Using the system I developed to look at normal folks, I analytically reviewed photos of criminals. There are PATTERNS in the facial features found in criminals - visual cues that have nothing to do with ethnic background, age or gender.
     If you are Dating on the Internet, it is crucial that you know HOW to identify these facial features BEFORE you go on that 1st date! Given these specific visual cues, you'll be able to see them in the PHOTOS of propective dates. I've recently looked at eHarmony, Match, JDating,, and other sites, there are men and women currently on each site who have these Dangerous Facial Features.
    What does that mean for YOU?
    The body-mind is always recording what is happening in your emotions and your mind. Face reading is like being a tracker in the Old West - you just interprete the cues.
1. With the person looking straight ahead, the Eyes show white underneath. This area is called the sclera and is found under the colored part/pupil
2. Sunken, hollow cheek areas
3. Eyebrows that angle down towards the nose with the outer edge angling up towards the forehead
4. Unibrow, thick connected eyebrow, straight across the brow
5. Very tiny ears
6. Tiny mouth (smaller than the nose)
7. Ears that project out from the head at an unusual angle
(For others, please see my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance on
***IMPORTANT: You must evaluate the whole face (all of the facial features!) - Having one of these might not be "dangerous" - Having 4 of  these is!!

(*My own philosophy is that anyone can change if they WISH to. Even a person with a criminal past who changes his/her thinking through 12-step groups, counseling, prayer work, medical intervention/medication can change his/her facial features to reflect the new, inner positive changes.)
 (c) Copyright, March 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.
See: for on-going Blog "Face Reading - Your Short-Cut Companion to On-line Dating"

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.

HAIR COLOR - What It Means for Dating! Face Reading - The "Short-Cut" Companion for On-line Dating

     Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of reading a person's character from his facial features. In my 30 years of practice, I've read 6,000 faces in 350 classes and been on 50 national/local TV Shows (TYRA BANKS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, THE LEARNING CHANNEL, THE YOUNG + THE RESTLESS, INSIDE SAN DIEGO).
     HAIR COLOR is a facial feature that can be real or from a box!, but the hair color one chooses reflects a a person's inner nature - the way she/he likes to feel, her inner spirit. Below are specific psychological meanings that are accurate for a person with each HAIR COLOR. (If this is an ethnic feature as in black or brown hair for Hispanics or Orientals, in face reading you would ignore this one feature and go on to interprete other facial features which make that person spiritually unique.)

 HAIR COLOR - What is he/she like on a Date?

     BLACK HAIR: (means:) strong willed, intense, dominant
On a Date they might be like: "Impress me. Show me what you've got. Why should I be interested in you? Tell me."
     BROWN HAIR (means:) family oriented, looks for emotional warmth and sincerety in others
On a Date they might be like: "Before we get serious, I need you to meet my children. Let's see if they like you."
     BLONDE HAIR (means:) sunny disposition, confident, fun loving
On a Date they might be like: "Let me give you these donuts for your morning break." "What else can we do for this (angry) client to win back his business to the firm?"
     RED HAIR (means:) dramatic, intense, fiery
On a Date they might be like: "I'm very passionate and need someone who is also." "Do you feel deeeply about things?"


     FINE HAIR (means:) sensitive nervous system. If stressed, may have digestive problems
     COARSE HAIR (means:) love of the outdoors, strong body energy
     STRAIGHT HAIR (means:) direct, straight forward, says what they mean
     CURLY HAIR (means:) fun loving, funny, playful
(c) Copyright, March, 2010, Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.
     There are thousands of facial features, and you want to combine many of them to tell you what a peron is really like. Future Blogs will analyze Eye color, teeth shape, forehead structure, and jaw and chin dynamic. See for Barbara Roberts' NEW BOOK: FACE READING - HOW TO READ ANYONE AT A GLANCE and TV live Shows on Face Reading.

(c) Copyright, March, 2010. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.