Friday, November 29, 2019

My letter to Santa for 2019

Dear Santa, 
You have been so tolerant with me in the past! I know basically, I can be a pain. Because of my long history of being a basic Christmas-snozzz, I was hesitant to write. But thought I'd best come forward before the elves do their rounds in December. This year what I’d like for gifts are: (Reference pages 1 - 215)…..I know these are huge changes, so you'll probably have to enter a new data card for me under your records. I thought I'd better bring these crucial changes forward....and with so many children to work with and your elves stretched all over the world. 

Am not sure if I go under "naughty" or "nice," but hopefully you'll still find me in your data base. I've been with you a long time. Please, not so much coal again. I have wagons full from years past.  (But should I be doing more introspection?) 

I'm specially blessed all year to know my friends and family, so those are the gifts which make my year special. Wanted to take the time to thank each of my friends for putting up with me and reframing from adding MORE coal to my gifts.  

Thank you again for your tolerance. If you need an extra ink cartridge to change all my new entries under your e-mail lists, I've got an extra one. 
Much love, 
your fan, 

Hoffman's painting of Jesus


What did Jesus look like?

     At the holy season of his birth, our minds are turned to the presence of Christ that we might draw closer to him in a personal way. We feel him in our hearts and want to know him better. We are used to understanding people as we look at their faces. So what did Jesus look like? In art history around the world, all cultures portray Jesus differently. In the Orient, mosaics of him show him with upward slanted eyes and black hair. In the West, sometimes we see him as blonde and blue eyed. One of the Catholic mystics, Catherine Emmerick, who herself received the Stigmata (like St. Francis of Assisi - which confirms her deep, close relationship with Christ) - said that he had 'blonde' hair in her first Volume about his life and teachings. 
      Another mystic, saint who saw Christ in Visions said the artist's Hoffman painting of Christ (the one often found in churches) is the closest portrayal to his face. What can we see in his facial features from that painting? The magnificent, compassionate eye texture in this painting reveal depth of holiness and Divine Love for all. His hair is curly and dark; his eye color brown, as might have who was born in Israel. His face is radiant and loving, and for ages other artists have conveyed the same holiness - Rembrandt, Titian, Raphael. The face shape is long, but not too narrow. This is the shape of a teacher and guide. The forehead is high, which conveys depth of wisdom. The mouth area is soft and full, which is kindness and affectionate. What a great personal witness the painting Hoffman gave us in the beautiful face of Christ. Full of Divine Love and Blessings for the world. 
     May your own holiday season be filled with this Divine Love, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, or following another spiritual way. 
     Blessings, Barbara

Saturday, August 10, 2019

From Canadian Client - Testimonial

Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session today. My sister, mom and I all enjoyed meeting you so much. You are such a lovely person and what you do is amazing. I think that what you told my mom was very helpful and also very accurate. I really wanted her to hear positive attributes about herself from someone after being told so much negative for much of her life. 
She loved the time she had with you, and I hope that she can use your insight to help her live a more peaceful and happy life. 
Take care,
Susan (Canada)

Thursday, August 1, 2019

SOUL AGE...Are YOU an Old Soul?

   Yes, the eyes are the 'windows to the soul' - but Face Reading goes far, far beyond this quote to really identify the level of Inner development of a person. Soul Age has nothing to do with eye color or ethnic background. It only applied to the Radiance coming from a person's eyes.

     Check out this link: (for my TV show on Soul Age) 
     It features St. Therese of Lisieux, a French saint who wrote, The Little Flower, a beautiful book on how to do little things for God, and Paramahansa Yogananda, author or Autobiography of a Yogi, a spiritual classic of his life in India and the great masters he met.
     A NEW video has just gone up last week on my Channel: "Barbara Roberts face reading" showing over 15 photos of 'young' and 'Old' souls comparing their eye radiance! Please check it out!

      I call the first a 'young' soul. The energy radiating from the eyes is flat, cold, or cruel. When you look at that person's eyes, there is no warmth or compassion. Sometimes (and not all) models have this flat aspect. In 'young' souls their desire is to play, and they respond to rules and regulations. Criminals may also have very flat, cruel or vacant eye radiance.
      The second group in the video I refer to as 'Old' souls. People like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, The Dalhi Lama, Yogananda, and St. Therese of Lisieux are examples of people who have this dynamic love, radiance, wisdom, and joy pouring from their eyes. They beam out goodness! When we look at them, we can get lost in their eyes.  
     For more information on Soul Age please see my brown book on this website:, which is featured in PDF/IPAD/paperback.
     (c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts. July, 2015. All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

How to See Others Clearly - The Inner Track to Understanding

In The Little Prince, Saint-ExupĂ©ry says, “Only with the heart can one see clearly.”

In opening one’s heart to clearly perceiving what is being communicated by another - whether it be a spouse, child, or client, many people believe expressing true ‘compassion’ is a matter of absorbing the other person’s pain. Some health practitioners believe that ‘healing’ another is achieved by “merging” with that person’s emotional trauma, anger, guilt or fear. and absorbing their trauma so the suffering person can go ‘free.’ This sounds good, but it does not work. The reason is that there is was no resolution of the trauma within the sufferer. The pain is just duplicated and absorbed within the ‘healer’s’ mind and body. Many of the 10,000 people who have come to my Face Reading classes and sessions are health care practitioners. Some tell me that they have become tired, angry, depressed or overwhelmed and long term have developed severe fatigue or major illnesses.

In an attempt to deal with this, some healers have isolated themselves from others - concerned that they have ‘no more to give.’ So this then hampers intimacy within their marriage and/or closeness with their children. Yesterday, I was talking to a seasoned psychotherapist who told me that she felt others were too close in her ‘aura’ and for years had cut herself off from people. When asked about the above, she said YES - her goal is to ‘merge’ with her clients, absorbing their pain. Her habit came from childhood of her mother’s depression and her attempt to help her mother feel better, so that in turn she might feel more secure.

Achieving balance and having good emotional boundaries is paramount not only in life but especially for health professions. In my Face Reading sessions my goal is to help clients rebalance their lives. Our facial features reveal our strongest inner gifts and our life lessons.

From the inherent facial features, we can see what is unique for each person…his/her specific tendency to go out of balance - whether it be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically.
When I presented my day Workshop for Jenny Craig’s national sales conference, I looked at the 20 managers and identified for each how she could increase her financial and business magnetism by rebalancing whatever aspect was her weak-link. This is the ultimate goal of Face Reading - reading others clearly - so as to understand their needs (spoken and unspoken), their levels of honesty and integrity, and their true heart’s desires beyond the verbiage they express.

Technique of Face Reading and effective compassion: Instead of absorbing someone’s suffering, using your same heart’s compassionate feeling, your mental focus, and listening ability, pretend you are taking a photo of the client’s essence - his level of conscious awareness, his emotional state, how he expresses it verbally and non-verbally. Your goal is to resonate with his strivings, emotions, and/or trauma but to keep your good and clear boundaries. Then, taking his photo and opening your tool box skills and using what you can from your training to match his needs. As an artistic role model, I think of Rembrandt’s paintings of great and ordinary people - how he was able to capture their essences and then record them with paint.

To add to your own self-awareness of your Inner gifts and life lessons, please see my website: Private (couple) Sessions are available internationally along with my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance. (NOT on

Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEW Magazine Article I wrote!

WOMAN'S WORLD (national magazine)
See my article on "FACE READING - FOREHEADS" (and what they mean) 2 page article! On the stands around AUG 1-7. It'll be the AUG 12th issue (in grocery stores)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Testimonial for Face Reading Session

Barbara, I honestly cannot thank you enough. I’ve never had a more rewarding reading than that with you. Completely blown away about it!! It feels  AMAZING!!!
Lisa Anderson, Oceanside, CA.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

What is the Career you were BORN to do?

What is the Career YOU were Born to do?
The ancient system of Face Reading gives clues to the Career you were born to do by analyzing your specific facial features, each of which has psychological meanings. By reading over 10,000 faces, expert Barbara Roberts, Author of Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance ( has identified patterns of facial features in people who are successful and happy in the following careers:
Close-set eyes (means the person is precision oriented, focused)
Narrow nose bridge (high standards, good at quality control, perfectionist)
Large, wide forehead (thinker, planner, strategist)
Small eyes (aware of all details, analytical)
(Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Anita Sengupta, Sophie Wilson)
Widow’s peak (means creative, individualistic, thinks outside the box)
Fine hair (sensitive, empathic, attuned to her environment)
Ears come forward away from head (music ability)
Large eyes (feeling oriented, expensive, romantic)
(Ann Hathoway, Faith Hill)
Rounded forehead (means the person is good with people, great communicator)
Large ears (listens well, seeks to understand others)
Lines around the mouth forming “( )” (highly verbal, articulate)
Lines radiating down from outer eye area (excellent at writing, teaching and speaking
(Dorris Lessing, J.K. Rowlings)
Chin projects forward (means go-getter, self-starter)
Round or square face shape (people will instinctively trust and follow her)
Ball on tip of nose (loves to share news and information, personable)
Wide cheek area (responsible, dependable, leader)
(Barbara Walters) 
Barbara Roberts was trained in clinical medical research and has appeared on 75 national/local TV shows (TYRA, HALLMARK - “Home and Family”, NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel, InSide San Diego.) Her youtube.comvideos have over one million viewers. Website:
(c) Copyright, August 2016. Barbara Roberts All rights reserved.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Your NOSE = Your WEALTH $$ Indicator

The 2,000 year old system of Face Reading identifies facial features and to each, it attributes a psychological meaning. In my 35 years of teaching this and private practice, after looking at 10,000 faces in over 500 classes, I've made a close study of these features and what they mean. (Please see my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance  - brown book on

The NOSE is the area of the face that tells us about WEALTH - financial, spiritual and abundance of all kinds flowing into our lives. Below are some examples of NOSE types and what they mean.

Do you have the nose shape that shows you will be wildly $$$ wealthy?

The larger the nose, the more abundance may come to you. Example: I had the honor of meeting Mother Theresa of Calcutta in India. She had a beautiful, large nose - for her denoting Spiritual abundance.

A small nose may indicate someone who is good at saving $$ - especially if the nose is bowed (turns outward).

The nostrils also show something about spending - If from a front view (at eye level) you can see open nostrils, this means $$ comes to you, and $$ goes from you, but then it comes back also! So budgeting is important. Another similar money spending trait is when you can see the gum line above the teeth when someone smiles easily - this means they 'swing' with money - budget and then spend.

If the nose is very high on the face and small, it may mean the person is very frugal. Once a husband and wife came to see me for a private session. The man had this nose structure, and I made the 'frugal' comment to the wife. Believe it or not, she said, "Every night he takes the gas out of the car tank and measures it." ??

A nose that has a 45 degree angle from the bottom going towards the forehead (Tanya Harding, the one who hit Nancy Kerrigan in the skating championship) may mean the person is immature emotionally.

A nose that turns up only to a 30 degree angle (from the base of the nose going towards the head) reflects someone who loves to be of service to other people. Very nice quality.

A 'roman nose' (90 degree angle from the base) is often a person who likes to $$ bargain and get special deals.

Keep in mind that to read a person correctly, you must evaluate ALL his/her features and not just one.

The key to understanding face reading as a tool for personal growth is to understand who we are at a certain time period - and then change ourselves for the POSITIVE using affirmation, meditation, 12-step work, spiritual communion, professional counseling or medication. Whatever our heart tells us will move us forward into the positve action that will attract to us Divine abundance and financial security for ourselves and our families. We can change our destiny at any time. Face Reading is just one introspective indicator.

(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts. December 27, 2011. All rights reserved.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Darkness from the Past (Face Reading Short Story)

    The doctors were scrubbing before entering the operating room. The nurses moved quickly to make room for the stretcher on which lay the body of the French Prime Minister. The leader had been eating dinner when he gripped his chest and fell forward. Life Flight aired him to the London Cardiac Surgical Center, and top medical teams were called in from all parts of Europe. Though his vital signs were stable, the angiography revealed a partially blocked aorta. The central heart artery might rupture at any moment. And the cardiac specialists were taking no chances. The anesthesiologist held up the O2 mask as quick hands placed Jacques Cabot gingerly onto the surgery table.
    Prime Minister Jacques Cabot had been in the French military in Algeria before his election. His many bloody sieges and major mismanagements of the Algerian conquests were omitted in the military reports and dossiers sent to the people of France. The populace thought him a hero, but the rural town’s people of Nomei, Algeria knew he was a monster. After capturing a province, he would torture children. However, Algeria was far from France, and nothing was recorded as out of ordinary in the French military dispatches.
    In battle, Jacques would sit with his top officers. Bottles of Johnny Walker and special cigars were passed around the table. As the French commander turned to the side to fill his whisky glass, his profile stood out: A nose with a sharp eagle beak, his two black eyes curtained with a thick unibrow, the side “gills” of his jaw muscle flexed into tight constriction. His eyes were always cold and ruthless.
    Marka had been six at the time of Algerian sieges, but he would never forget Jacques Cabot and his men. As a young child, he hid in fear and horror as he watched the soldiers kill his little sister. After the death of her child, Marka’s mother was never the same - spending hours and days staring at the bedroom wall.

    As he grew Marka showed that he had a quick mind. He loved science and math and studied diligently at the schoolhouse with the other children. One day the missionaries came to evaluate young men for the priesthood. Marka was very happy to be chosen to further his education. Though it saddened him to leave his dissolute mother, he seized the opportunity to go live in the monastery and to read new books. The senior monks observed Marko’s brilliance and manual dexterity. He could draw and sculpt a perfect copy of any Holy statue for the Holy days. He was kind and particularly enjoyed caring for the older, infirm brothers. He knew instinctually which herbs and poultices would ease their pain and increase their joint mobility.
     The monks all said Marka had the face of a king: A round hairline, high placed large ears, long ear lobes, one horizontal - straight line across his forehead - a line they say marks the face of an ‘emperor.’ His deep blue eyes had a radiant gaze which calmed others who were in turmoil. His teeth were small, and his mouth was wide and easy to smile. His facial features radiated nobility.
    When the bishop came to evaluate the monastery, the older monks took him aside to point out Marka’s talents and how these might be wasted in the role of a country priest. After many interviews, tests, and a personal meeting with the Pope, Marka was selected to train at the French Medical Academy in Paris. Though he was humble, his ability to sculpt in surgery became legendary all over Europe. His hands were delicate with long fingers - perfect for a surgeon. His mentors encouraged him to focus on Cardiology, a specialty that was just gaining recognition.
    And so it happened that when the call went through the medical community for Prime Minister Cabot’s heart surgery, Dr. Marka was asked to consult on the case.
    The older French statesman would never remember the young boy who hid behind the tree away from the soldiers. The French leader, in pain and vulnerable, had no awareness that his murderous deeds were being called into account as he was transferred onto the surgical table.
    So, here they were in the same room - an unconscious heart patient, full of dark deeds and a young, vibrant Cardiologist who was there to save his life.
“And for what?” Marka reflected bitterly. “A man whose hidden darkness reached out far and wide.” It was only fair that Cabot should ‘accidentally’ die on the table. Just as his sister had ‘accidentally’ died.
     Twenty news reporters leaned over the glass encased balcony which separated them from the Operating Room below. Three nurses prepped the patient, laid out delicate instruments, and counted the sponges. Marka knew exactly where to open Cabot’s chest. He had assessed the man’s height and weight to a millimeter. One cut a fourth of an inch off, and the aorta would rupture. The prime minister would then bleed out on the table – too quick for surgeons to cauterize the open artery.
A life threatening surgery. Who could tell which way it would go?  An ‘accident’ could be very quick and look completely innocent to the whole surgical team. No one would doubt.
    Marka’s hand was steady but his heart was conflicted. Rage poured over his emotions in vicious floods. It had been years since he had tasted that acid, bitter taste of watching his sister murdered by Cabot’s men. He felt his body throbbing with a deep desire for revenge.   
     He stood still and waited. Slowly and evenly his breath returned to normal. He remembered the Oath he took as a physician “to do no harm.” Through his mind washed the images of the hundreds of patients he had surgically changed – cleft palates in children, pacemakers in fragile older men, physical hearts he had mended so that they might beat again – strong and true. His spiritual essence, despite all his childhood trauma now was rising in his consciousness calming his pounding heart.
    The surgical suite was completely quiet as all waited for Dr. Marka’s first incision. Both he and world famous Cardiologist, Dr. Philip Robbins, had worked on many cases together. They were surgical partners and beyond that, they were friends. Either could do this operation.
    “Phil,” Marka exhaled deeply, “I want you to do this surgery. I will be your ‘second,’ back-up surgeon this time.”
    And with a nod, Phil nodded and moved into position to open and repair Cabot’s heart.

(Copyright, May 2019. Barbara Roberts. All rights reserved.)

Thursday, May 9, 2019

How to Handle a Ruler (Short Story)

    Alexander the Great, his broad shoulders and flowing robe, was pacing before his teacher, Aristotle.
    “Sit down, Alex, you’re making me nervous.” The huge elephant of a conqueror plopped down on his thrown.
 “I just don’t know what to do, Aris. It’s all making me crazy. We’re losing men in the Western province, and my feet are hurting. Just can’t find the right sandal maker.”
    “OK. OK. Well, let’s look at one problem at a time, like I taught you to do when you were a boy. You’ve conquered Mesopotamia by land and brought 8,000 men over the mountain ridge into Constantinople last week. How did the elephants fare? I heard there were  rainstorms, and some of them lost their footing in the mud.”
    “Only lost three elephants out of the lot, but, dang, those things are heavy when they go down! Have a good elephant man though, and he pulled them through. Seems like a trainer had cut back on their rations. That’s all. Just needed to feed them on the spot, and they were right as rain. Excuse the pun.” Alexander fidgeted with his crown.
    “So let’s go to our maps, and see where we need reinforcements this week.” Aristotle’s noble face turned to his friend and student. “You know. I can’t always be doing this for you. I’m needed at the Pantheon to do my gig at the Acropolis. Don’t want to spread myself too thin, if you know what I mean. But for you, Alex, anything.”
    “Thanks, my friend. I feel better knowing I can talk this over. Even conquerors need down time. Can your page here bring me some wine and bread? Haven’t eaten since breakfast, and I am used to my three squares. After all, I’m a growing boy.” Aristotle let his eyes roll, and both men laughed. Alexander’s massive body resembled one of the elephants.
    “OK. So the provinces are done. Now, how are the captured peoples?” Aristotle went through their usual list of items conquerors need to attend to.
    “Just checking that all are being treated well. You know, it’s important for your image to be extra kind to the foreigners. Don’t let your men get sloppy and take food out of their homes. Doesn’t look good, and after all – your army is the highest paid in centuries.  They can certainly learn to act like gentlemen after a battle.” Aristotle reached for an herbal beverage. He wasn’t a liquor sort of guy. Tarnished his reputation as a thinker.
    “Aris,” the younger one looked up. “ I need some new generals for the overland conquests. Some of our older men want to go home and be with their families. Say they’ve been gone too long and miss their kids. What should I be looking for in the incoming batch? Any new ideas for leadership?”
    Aristotle nodded. “The new scholars in Greece have been talking about something called “physiognomy” or “Face Reading.” It’s all the rave in the sun cities. And easy to understand. I’ve started incorporating it into my own work. Last week I met with Socrates, who was really with it for once. He had heard of it, too. Sometimes he’s a bit too cerebral, but no one is perfect.
    “So how does it work, Aris? I want to choose the top of the crop of the men coming into the field, if you know what I mean.” Alexander liked to make farming references as he knew nothing about land and wanted to appear intellectually boarder. As he wasn’t always the sharpest sword in the sheath.
    Aristotle got out the writing board which he issued for visuals.  “For your uses, let’s see. You’d need a solder that has these qualities:

    Brave and fearless in battle.
    Quick and mentally agile. Able to grasp complicated battle plans.
Sort of rugged looking. Outdoorsy sort of guy. Able to enjoy living in
    tents year round.
    Powerful looking. Looks like he would command leadership over the
    Able to inspire the men, so they follow and don’t take the elephants   
        in opposite directions.
    Approachable. Can throw a mean dice and joke it up with the troops.
    “So what does a man like this look like?”
    Aristotle walked back and forth in front of the throne popping grapes in his mouth. “OK, here’s what Face Reading stuff says you’ll need. They are called “Facial Features.” Physical Patterns. And his look would include these features.
He raised his chalk to write.
    Alexander sat up to pay attention. He had to memorize the information and burn it into his huge head. There won’t much papyrus to go around these days. Plus, his robe didn’t have any pockets. Direct recall was the best even if it hurt all his brain cells to think so much. Those metal helmets in battle had been too small, he told himself.
    Aristotle continued, “You’ll want a ‘big, broad wide forehead’ for the strategy part, so he will be clever and smarter than his commander.” He winked at his friend. The facial feature of ‘High cheek bones’ means he loves to travel. You’ll need that. A man “on the go” doesn’t take a lot of toiletries. ‘Full, thick beard’ shows outdoors person. Those ‘sparse beards’ mean a man is immature. Might just stop into his middle of a battle and have an outdoor cook-out. Can’t have that. The key is the jaw structure. All great warriors and leaders, men of state who move the world have ‘huge jaws’ and ‘forward thrusting chins.’ That’s really the key, Alex. Look for the ‘huge jaw and forward chin,’ means dynamic leader with forceful presence. And I bet the other facial features will follow.”
    Alexander nodded. So much less to remember. He liked this Face Reading stuff better all the time. No need to cloud his mind with too many facts.
    “For him being a ‘guy’s guy,’  I’d go with the ‘big front teeth’ and a ‘wide mouth.’ Makes a man strong and forceful with a tinge of rollicking fun. Kind of adds a nice touch, don’t you think?  Also, ‘very small eyes’ and elephant ‘big ears’ - a blend of a commander who is watchful and  listens well. That way you don’t have to pay the spies as much. They usually want too many coins for travel time. And they’ve been known to work on both sides if they feel they’re not appreciated.”
    “Isn’t that the truth!” Alexander nodded. “So we’ve got ourselves a visual picture of a great general. Thanks so much for the tips.”
    “And just remember that it doesn’t make any different what province or tribe the leader comes from. These are universal facial features that apply to all men.” Aristotle put down his chalk and came to sit on his simple chair near the throne.
    “Righted, tighty then,” nodded Alexander. “So how are the boys at the Pantheon, Aris? What else is new?”
 And so they went on to other topics.
(c) Copyright, Barbara Roberts. August, 2016. All Rights reserved.
Can be contacted at:

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Princess and the Gardner (Short Story)

Alabaster straightened his legs and shook the dust from his hands. He was hidden behind the ferns in the fountain he was planting for the emperor. At one time he had been a brave knight leading troops into battle, but his face had been burned and scarred in one siege. So, he wore a mask to cover his deformity so that he would not frighten the children and the women would not pity him. The court artist had woven the mask to resemble the face Alabaster had had before the burns. The king had given him the role of Royal Gardener for the palace. At least he was still useful to his to his liege, so he was happy.

His finger went to rest on the hoe as he watched the scene at the far end of the courtyard. Princess Lisette was being led by her maid to a stone bench surrounded by his Glory roses. Her woven long hair was filled with sunshine. The pink silk and damask laced gown was the color of her blushing cheeks as each suitor approached her. The runners had spread the word though the provinces that the Princess was seeking a husband, so men – brave and tall, short and pudgy, merchants and princes came forward. Some of the knights boasted of their conquests, others flaunted velvet jackets and a laced neck shirts. And some became mute when they saw her beauty. She regarded all with quiet humility. Princess Lisette listened, nodded and smiled. But she refused them all.

Her father, the king, paced before her seat, “Darling, you have to accept one of them! I need an heir. Please!”

Lisette replied, “Papa, I need to find someone I love. I refuse to marry someone I don’t love.” A similar discussion between them ensued week after week. The king would shake his head and pace with exasperated sighs.

The Princess looked forlorn. She was firm, but being loving and kind by nature, she really wanted to please her father. Alabaster noted with admiration her skin, her hands and her modest smile. He had memorized each of her gowns and silently and secretly adored her. This afternoon as he was planting the Glory red roses, he heard a quiet weeping coming from her direction. Immediately, he stopped and turned to see the Princess sighing and softly dabbing her eyes with a lace clothe. He wanted to comfort her with all his heart but was hesitant as he was only the gardener. Then he realized the real reason was that he was ashamed of his facial burns and the mask he wore to cover them.

So, he placed himself near her chair, but remained hidden. “My lady, I am only the gardener, but I wish to know why you weep. Please tell me the reason for your sadness.”

Princes Lisette turned to the area of the ferns to see a tall and muscular man in simple garb. His hands were large and strong, but his face was obscured by the foliage.
“Sir, for weeks my father, the King, has been trying to find a suitor for my hand in marriage. Though many men have come to me, none of them move my heart.” She inhaled a sob.

Alabaster’s facial burns had deepened his sensitivity to other’s sorrows and unfulfilled longings. In his heart he had lived a million lives in his one body, and his heart had seen and touched it all.
”My lady,” he began, “I understand the heart’s longing for pure love. Pure love alone can satisfy. Divine Love alone can heal. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

Comforted that someone understood her inner feelings, the princess turned to him and asked, “And how is it a gardener speaks with such wisdom? Will you tell me your story and how you have come to know of such things?” And so began many conversations and a friendship between the two. Every week Alabaster would put a perfect Glory on her chair. His heart would quicken when he saw her satin gowns entering his floral cave. Sometimes they would talk between suitors. She understood his thoughts and shared his observations. And they laughed. Week after week his secret love for her grew.

“Love can heal. Love can change you. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

By fall the leaves were red and yellow canopies above the alcove. All week he would go over the words he would say to her. He reviewed her mannerisms, her smiles. And even though he told her “Love can heal,” in his own heart, he knew she could never love him. His face was burned beyond recognition, and he was afraid to be seen without his mask.

The princes from the outlining provinces had come and gone on horseback. The king was going bald from tearing out his hair, and the Queen had stopped eating for her worry over Lisette. The Princess was given an ultimatum that she must choose a husband or be banished to that outer forest with her maid. When Alabaster brought her morning beverage, Lisette spoke up, “My friend, we have spent months talking and coming to understand each other’s inner hearts. I know you are noble and true. You voice is the one I hear in my mind when I go to sleep and when I awaken at dawn. But, Alabaster, I so long to see your face as it really is. Please show me.”

The gardener was shocked by her request and felt deep sorrow. “Princess, what we have now must be enough. I cannot show you my face as in battle it was scarred and changed. I fear that if you really saw me, you would be horrified and banish me from your sight. My heart would break if I could not be your friend.”

Lisette looked at him with a firm gaze, “I know who you are inside, Alabaster. That is enough for me. Please take off your mask so that my fingers might stroke your wounds and give you comfort. Your burns must make you feel lonely, and I seek to give back to you a portion of the love you have given me.” And she became quiet and waited.

“Love can heal. Love can change you. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

So for the first time since his battle, he reached for the artificial covering over his face and carefully removed the mask. He waited for her shock and horror. He waited for a gasp or scream. And nothing came. He looked up into her deep eyes to a smiling face.
“My beloved,” she said lovingly,” Your face has become the same as the mask.”

“Love can heal. Love can change you. It is worth waiting for such a love.”

To the joy of the king and all the land, the royal gardener was wedded to the princess. The king got a wig. The country gave a huge banquet for the wedding, and the queen started eating again.

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Abraham Lincoln Chooses his Cabinet

Abraham Lincoln emerged from the War Room tired and sick at heart. He had just come from the battlefield where he visited the tents of the surgeons. His mind held the continuous image of timelessly sobbing widows in black long dresses. Hopeless, sons and daughters cried at the doors of the homes waiting for their fathers who would never return. Although he had surrounded himself politically with those who had opposed him and wished for his nation to be open to all men and all views, the president was acutely aware of that political incompetence meant wounded soldiers and dead men. His heart was filled with quiet grieving, and the Great War never left his heart for a moment.

“To even have a healthy son reach adulthood was a miracle of God,” he reflected. “So many epidemics of flu or cases of consumption. Even a body soaked with rain on a wintry day might be lost by nightfall.”
So that some of the city’s young bucks dreamed of the ‘battle cry’ and fighting to prove their manhood angered him deep in his soul. That the young people romanticized war gave him lingering sadness. If only they saw what he had seen. Brothers in battle together – one kneeling over his dying loved on. And no grieving, they say, can compare to a parent who has lost a son. He had Todd, and he knew what the all encompassing love of a father could be. Protective and tender at the same time. And how cruel men and nature could be to the human flesh. Some was Fate. War was choice. He was determined to end the War as quickly as he could. Send just one son home to his Mama - one son who might never have had a chance on the battlefield. It would be worth one son - whole and well.
So much rested on the integrity and capabilities of the men he chose for his Cabinet. His leaders must be of the highest caliber. Strong, fearless and true. They must be understanding of his people, their children, and the future of a great nation. Everything was at stake now. Of the Cabinet he had chosen, some were from different states and had different backgrounds. He liked that about them. He chose them by looking closely at their military records, their letters of accommodation, and by reading their characters. He tried not to miss anything. As president he could not control much, but he could hand-select his men who would make national decisions. That was his job. The destiny of a nation at War depended on it. He must not fail his people.
When he was younger the Illinois lawyer had met with one obstacle after another. Some eight at least, he reflected. Many elections lost. To others he seemed like a complete failure. But in each political skirmish he had learned to look at people closely and assess their nuances of personality. So their behavior or decisions would never surprise him. He knew more about some people than they knew about themselves, but he kept his own council. He studied the ancient system of physiognomy (Face Reading). Ten feet from a prospective juror or witness in a trial, he could turn the fate of a legal outcome. Lincoln could laugh and weave a good story with the best of them, but inside he had the instincts of a cougher. He looked at people and saw them – beyond artifices, fancy verbiage and fine clothes. He would laugh at a child’s story and shun an arrogant general.
One afternoon as his Cabinet assembled in the White House, the sun’s hot fierceness poured through the room. Men were loosening their neck clothes and removing their bulky jackets, wiping their forehead with large white hankies. All stood as Lincoln entered the room. His hands rose palms down to motion them to be seated.
“I understand that today we are reviewing the application for Lt. James Need, who wishes to be Secretary of the Treasury. Will those of you who have letters of accommodation, military files and written testimonials abut him, please step forward.” Lincoln seated himself behind the mahogany desk and opened his right hand to receive the papers. Letters from Generals, teachers, red wax sealed missives about Lt. McNeed were handed over. The pile was so high that by the time Lincoln had read them all, the sun was setting. The men were eager to get into their carriages and return home to their wives and dinners.
“Well,” Lincoln began, “he seems an ideal candidate form these dossiers. His war record is impeccable, and I can find no fault with anything I have read about this man. Let us meet him now, so we might to return to a quiet evening with our families. Bring Lt. James McNeed to me please.”
The side door opened, and the attending army aide ushered a man in uniform into the room. He came to stand directly in front of Abraham Lincoln. The president’s gaze was powerful and searching as he regarded the officer. Lincoln was reviewing McNeed’s facial features, as system called Face Reading, which he had learned when he was a young lawyer. It helped him to accurately read a person’s character. In his mind, Lincoln made note of Lt. McNeed's features: a dimpled chin that was short, a chin which receded back to tuck behind forward thrusting front teeth, an uneven forehead hairline, a tiny, tight mouth (that looked like a man set on a vinegar drink), strange ears which protruded out from his head at odd angles, a mouth that upturned like a joker (but McNeed wasn’t smiling), and a thick unibrow eyebrow. The president reflected that he looked like a rat. And then Lincoln  remembered the words of Aristotle, the first great scholar in science of physiognomy: “If you look like an animal, you are it!” (You will have the temperament of that animal.)
What was curious about Mr. McNeed, Lincoln thought, was that as he answered each direct question, his eyes would shift, almost retract visibly. Then they would become clear and present. It seemed to happen when the questions involved his military record. Lincoln had learned to recognize this eye change as “cloaking,” and he had seen it often in spies of all sorts. The president paced up and down, his head down and reflective before his men.
He made his decision and turned to the group, “Please leave us, Mr. McNeed.”  
And after the man disappeared down the corridor, Lincoln turned to the curious Cabinet members and said, “I don’t want this man anywhere close to me.” Lincoln pounded his open flat hand onto his desk as the astonished group gasped and was riveted to attention. “Show me a man who is forty who is not responsible for his face.” With that he pulled in his vest and with long strides left the room.

Weeks later a news bulletin emerged from a Border state with an artist’s rendering of an escaped convict, Walter McNeed, who had been incarcerated for killing his brother, Lt. James McNeed, and stealing his military papers. The murdered brother, Lt. James McNeed had been a valiant soldier, decorated in battle. And for those who studied the facial drawing closely, the man who had stood before Lincoln had been none other than Walter McNeed.
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Sunday, April 28, 2019


     Jason sighed. If this date was any more of a gold digger, she’d be sitting on his lap taking out his dental fillings. He really needed to change his “MatchU4Love” Profile on the “Income” line. Take off the “millionaire” entry. Yes, he owned his own company and was darn proud of it, but perhaps he shouldn’t advertise it on first dates. Back at his desk he told Keri, his budget manager, that he’d be in “conference” and went in to reread his “Man on the Go Looking for Independent Woman” Profile title bar. “OK. Got to rework this one,” he mumbled. “I’ll leave the photo - after all, I’m tall, dark, and handsome – and humble.” After fifty eight dates – women who were tall, short, blonde, brunette, red head, corporate investors, homemakers, childless, with children, rich, poor, he’d reached his limit for even a “man on the go.” Perhaps an image change? Perhaps a lobotomy.
     He barely cleared Keri’s desk as he walked out of the office on his way to lunch. She looked up. Sensitive to every nuance of his walk, she inquired, “Bad day, eh, Jason?” They were attuned to each other not because they were steamy closet lovers at work, but because she was his sister. They’d been competing siblings over cookies and Mom, but now they had settled into harmonious bantering. “Keri, I’m lost in this dating world. Help me! Help me! You are my only hope,” he did his best impersonation of Princess Leah talking to Obi-Wan.
     His sister put down her Excel printout and looked into his very blue but sad eyes. “You know I read all the current women’s self-help books,” Keri began in the way only an older sister can totally bore a brother to tears. He controlled his gag reflex. “SO?” He rolled his eyes indicating if he heard any more feminine psychobabble, he would ask God to reincarnate him as a turtle. “Well, there’s this woman who went on Tyra Banks last month. Her name is Barbara Roberts, and she wrote a book called FACE READING – How to Know Anyone at a Glance. It’s the new way to find romance. Tyra really liked her. Look here,” she motioned to an open page from the book. “See, you have these facial features: Blue eyes Square forehead line Vertical line above your nose Strong jaw Good naso-labial lines Wide mouth Large ears Full cheeks “You’ve been ‘looking for love in all the wrong places,’ my little brother. Get off “MatchU4Love,” and stop paying that gypsy at “Cupid will Deliver.”
     Jason immediately confiscated the FACE READING book from her desk, tucked it under his arm and left the office in a far better mood that he’d been in in a long time. Patterns. Facial Patterns. It was midnight. He had read the whole book. My face has Patterns. All I need to do is just match the Patterns in my face to the Patterns in her face! “There might be hope,” and he turned over to his Massie, his German Shepard, who as currently take up half of his bed. “They’ll soon be someone to replace you, my girl.” And he gave her an affectionate ear scratching.
     Not long after, he was at the airport meeting his client Phil. The plane was delayed, so he got his Starbuck’s caramel latte and blueberry scone and popped open his paper to wait. A woman carrying a laptop approached the seat next to him. Blue silk suit holding a cell phone. He looked over just in time to catch a “HI”-nod and went on reading the local news. When she finished talking and started adjusting her cup’s tea bag, she turned to ask, “Waiting for the Phoenix incoming flight?” “Yep. My client Phil is on it. How about you?”
     As they spoke he regarded her closely. She seemed amazingly familiar for someone he had never met. Then his mind clicked into the facial feature composite of his “ideal” woman. Cassie. One after one, he counted off their compatible facial features. He became so excited, he mentally he was begging God to be close to this woman, but he was trying not to grovel. He was chaffing at the bit to ask if she was single and was practically salivating as he listened to her describe her normal life. When she wanted to know about his life and interests, he was incredulous that a woman would ask about him.
     By the time Phil walked out of Gate 24, Jason had already planned the wedding and bought his tuxedo. After he introduced Phil to Cassie, he turned to her. “Here, let me give you my card.” They both said that at the same time. Cassie blushed. He smiled.
      Well, Massie and Arnold, Cassie’s German Shepard, became a regular on walks in the park, Friday night movies at home, Saturday picnics and morning coffees. Together they watched the seasons change and laughed and talked through Christmas, Easter and July 4th.
     In the Fall Jason turned to Massie before he set his alarm for work, “Massie, it’s time for you to start sleeping on the floor. Cassie and Arnold are coming to live here.” He thought he saw Massie smile before she rolled over and started snoring.

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

What is the Career YOU were Born to do?

The ancient system of Face Reading gives clues to the Career you were born to do by analyzing your specific facial features, each of which has psychological meanings. By reading over 10,000 faces, expert Barbara Roberts, Author of Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance ( has identified patterns of facial features in people who are successful and happy in the following careers:
Close-set eyes (means the person is precision oriented, focused)
Narrow nose bridge (high standards, good at quality control, perfectionist)
Large, wide forehead (thinker, planner, strategist)
Small eyes (aware of all details, analytical)
(Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Anita Sengupta, Sophie Wilson)
Widow’s peak (means creative, individualistic, thinks outside the box)
Fine hair (sensitive, empathic, attuned to her environment)
Ears come forward away from head (music ability)
Large eyes (feeling oriented, expensive, romantic)
(Ann Hathoway, Faith Hill)
Rounded forehead (means the person is good with people, great communicator)
Large ears (listens well, seeks to understand others)
Lines around the mouth forming “( )” (highly verbal, articulate)
Lines radiating down from outer eye area (excellent at writing, teaching and speaking
(Dorris Lessing, J.K. Rowlings)
Chin projects forward (means go-getter, self-starter)
Round or square face shape (people will instinctively trust and follow her)
Ball on tip of nose (loves to share news and information, personable)
Wide cheek area (responsible, dependable, leader)
(Barbara Walters) 
Barbara Roberts was trained in clinical medical research and has appeared on 75 national/local TV shows (TYRA, HALLMARK - “Home and Family”, NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel, InSide San Diego.) Her youtube.comvideos have over one million viewers. Website:
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*By understanding your facial cues, you will gain direct insight about your deepest self. Being in touch with our true nature brings peace, hope and life purpose. Face Reading will help you decode your face's messages about your best career, your ideal love match, and your special life gifts.
*Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of understanding a person's character from his facial features. Your face is a physical-emotional map of who you are and where you are going. The body-mind is constantly recording mental, emotional, physical patterns and inner longings in our facial features. 
*Before Dr. Sigmund Freud introduced Psychology, Face Reading was the only system used throughout the world to understand people, choose business partners, and create happy marriages. Abraham Lincoln chose his cabinet using this system. The Greek philosopher Aristotle hand-selected the generals for Alexander the Great, who won dominion over the whole world. 
*Learn the insights they knew for your own personal success and happiness!

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"The MOST Unique experience" Fran had is FACE READING

Describe a unique experience you have had?
One of the first organizations I joined when we moved to Rancho Santa Fe was the Newcomers Club. They provide a variety of activities to introduce one to new and old members of the community, provide activities (book clubs, walking groups, etc.), and recommendations for services and restaurants in the area. They also have a monthly luncheon with a program.
A couple of of years later, as President, I met with the board to discuss some program ideas for the coming year. One of the members mentioned Face Reading. I had never heard of it, hence, my initial reaction was, “Isn’t this one of the reasons California is known as ‘La la Land’?” She assured me it was legitimate, so I called the contact and, very hesitantly, made an appointment with a woman named Barbara Roberts.
Barbara was a sweet, very soft spoken young woman and she put me at ease immediately. She gave me a brief history of Face Reading and I was stunned to learn it was an ancient Chinese science. It has been around for centuries! Abraham Lincoln selected his cabinet using this.
Barbara was a nurse and became interested in this art so she could better understand and help her patients. Barbara is also very intuitive, which no doubt gives her an edge over other Face Readers. I was surprised as she accurately described me, studying my hair, facial features and structure. Everything she told me resonated. I could hardly wait to have her read the faces of everyone I knew. (Sidebar: by now, I think I have!)
Here is my reading:

Newcomers Club booked her for a luncheon and it was a very popular event. I wasn’t sure how she could do this with a large group, but she pulled it off by bringing up several different foreheads/chins/eyes/etc. and describing their meaning. There were audible gasps in the audience.
Barbara has become a friend and has “talked” our family through many a crises. The first, Thanksgiving, 2003. AJ had suffered three miscarriages after Will’s birth and was extremely distraught. Barb took AJ in the other room and quietly told her she “saw” her with a baby girl the following summer. AJ was beyond consoling at that point, but, miracle of miracles, on July 27, 2004, our precious Kacy came into our lives.
On a humorous note, niece Betsey was also there for the family Thanksgiving. Shortly after she returned home, she found out she was also pregnant. She said, “Well, Barbara could have mentioned to me, ‘Hey, honey, put down that Chardonnay. You’ve got a bun in the oven, too!’” Cleo arrived July 24, 2004.
What started out a lark, ended up with enormous personal insight and a life long friendship.