Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you have the NOSE for BIG $$$?

     The 2,000 year old system of Face Reading identifies facial features and to each, it attributes a psychological meaning. In my 25 years of teaching this and private practice, after looking at 6,000 faces in over 400 classes, I've made a close study of these features and what they mean. (Please see my book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance on
     The NOSE is the area of the face that tells us about WEALTH - financial, spiritual and abundance of all kinds flowing into our lives. Below are some examples of NOSE types and what they mean.
     Do you have the nose shape that shows you will be wildly $$$ wealthy?
     The larger the nose, the more abundance may come to you. Example: I had the honor of meeting Mother Theresa of Calcutta in India. She had a beautiful, large nose - for her denoting Spiritual abundance. Bill Cosby also has a huge nose - in his case reflecting financial wealth.
      A small nose may indicate someone who is good at saving $$ - especially if the nose is bowed (turns outward).
      The nostrils also show something about spending - If from a front view (at eye level) you can see open nostrils, this means $$ comes to you, and $$ goes from you, but then it comes back also! So budgeting is important. Another similar money spending trait is when you can see the gum line above the teeth when someone smiles easily - this means they 'swing' with money - budget and then spend.
     If the nose is very high on the face and small, it may mean the person is very frugal. Once a husband and wife came to see me for a private session. The man had this nose structure, and I made the 'frugal' comment to the wife. Believe it or not, she said, "Every night he takes the gas out of the car tank and measures it." ??
     A nose that has a 45 degree angle from the bottom going towards the forehead (Tanya Harding, the one who hit Nancy Kerrigan in the skating championship) may mean the person is immature emotionally.
     A nose that turns up only to a 30 degree angle (from the base of the nose going towards the head) reflects someone who loves to be of service to other people. Very nice quality.
     A 'roman nose' (90 degree angle from the base) is often a person who likes to $$ bargain and get special deals.
     Keep in mind that to read a person correctly, you must evaluate ALL his/her features and not just one.
     The key to understanding face reading as a tool for personal growth is to understand who we are at a certain time period - and then change ourselves for the POSITIVE using affirmation, meditation, 12-step work, spiritual communion, professional counseling or medication. Whatever our heart tells us will move us forward into the positve action that will attract to us Divine abundance and financial security for ourselves and our families. We can change our destiny at any time. Face Reading is just one introspective indicator.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SANTA'S Facial Features and What They Say About Him

Face Reading is a 2,000 year old system of analyzing character from facial features. Each one has a special meaning. Below are some fun ones about dear  Santa:
Rosy, Full Cheeks - fun loving, big hearted, jolly
Big Eyes - sentimental, easily forgets the 'naughty' list
High Cheek Bones - love of travel, high standards, loves being self-employed
Full lips - generous, warm hearted, affectionate
Large Ears - good listener, tunes into the big picture
Thick hair and beard - love of the outdoors, rugged, good physical endurance for chimney climbing
Round face - likes to cook (and eat cookies)
It's so great that his face is such a good match to his job description?!
Merry Christmas to all! Barbara
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christ's Face - His Mystical Beauty

     At the holy season of his birth, our minds are turned to Christ presence that we might draw him closer to us in a personal and transformative way. We feel him in our hearts, and want to know him better. We are used to understanding people as we look at their faces. So what did Jesus look like? In art history around the world, all cultures portray Jesus differently. In the Orient, mosaics of him show him with upward slanted eyes and black hair. In the West, sometimes we see him as blonde and blue eyed. One of the Catholic mystics, Catherine Emmerick, who herself received the Stigmata (like St. Francis of Assisi - which confirms her deep, close relationship with Christ) - said that he had 'blonde' hair in her first Volume about his life and teachings. Another mystic, saint who saw Christ in Visions said the artist's Hoffman painting of Christ (the one often found in churches) is the closest portrayal to his face. What can we see in his facial features from that painting? The magnificent, compassionate eye texture in this paiting reveal depth of holiness and Divine Love for all. His hair is curly and dark; his eye color brown, as  might have who was born in  Israel. His face is radiant and loving, and for ages other artists have conveyed the same holiness - Rembradt, Titian, Raphael. The face shape is long, but not too narrow. This is the shape of a teacher and guide. The forehead is high, which conveys depth of wisdom. The mouth area is soft and full, which is kindness and affectionate.
What a great personal witness the paiting Hoffman gave us in the beautiful face of Christ. Full of Divine Love and Blessings for the world.
May your own holiday season be filled with this Divine Love, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, or following another spiritual way.
Blessings, Barbara

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your face can reveal your SEXUAL style!

What is YOUR intimacy style?
For thousands of years face reading has revealed what a person is like inside based on his/her facial features. Different lips (shapes) have different psychological meanings.

Here are some of them:
Full, wide lips (President Obama, Julia Roberts) show a person who is generous and warm hearted, affectionate. A thin upper lip with a large lower lip is someone who keeps confidences well. Great for a job in teaching, counseling, or ministry. When a person has the "Elvis Presley" lower lip - sultry and sexual, they have a sensual chemistry. Thin lips usually indicate a person who likes to stick to the facts/business and may not be a feeling type. And a very tiny mouth (smaller than/same size as the nose) can be a self-absorbed person or someone dangerous to cross swords with (Henry the 8th, the dictator of North Korea). Keep in mind, you always want to evaluate a person by seeing their whole face. For more information check out my book, FACE READING - HOW TO KNOW ANYONE AT A GLANCE on or several of my videos on my website.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christ's Eyes and His Inner Radiance

Face Reading is an ancient psychological system for reading a person's character from his/her Facial Features. Every feature has a special psychological meaning (as you've seen in my NEW 2009 book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance).

Soul Age is a complicated deeper aspect of Face Reading as it looks at the amount of RADIANCE or inner love, joy and warmth that radiate from a person's eyes. Some of the great saints and saviors - Hoffman's famous painting of Christ, photos of St. Therese of Lisieux,  St. Bernadette, the Indian saint Yogananda, Brother Andre (the monk who lived in Canada - the St. Joseph's Cathedral is lined with bandages and crutches from all the people the monk healed!) and others. Soul Age is a universal quality so it doesn't matter what ethnic background, age or gender the person is. It goes beyond the psychological or the physical. It is the Inner Light of God radiating out from the eyes.

What is fascinating at looking at the faces of the saints and mystics (I've looked at 6,000 in 350 classes on Face Reading) - is that often a man or woman of deep spiritual realization has had life struggles - health, poverty, relationships, or others, sometimes deep tests. These show in the facial features. But the warmth, joy and love shine through their eys and their face.

Blessings to everyone at the holy season of Christmas. May we all strive to become more Christ-like.

More about this appears on the video under Face Reading-Barbara Roberts - the one on "Soul Age in the Eyes." Also, please visit my website:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The CAREER you were born to do! It's in your face!!

Like Feng Shui and Acupuncture, Face Reading started in China thousands of years ago. It is the science of giving psychological meanings to facial features (shape of the eyes, lip structure, hair texture.) Barbara Roberts has read over 6,000 faces in her 350 classes. Trained in clinical medical research, she went on to appear on 50 national/local TV Shows. Here are some the patterns in personality which will help you find the Career you were meant to do and also select a life partner who will bring out your best qualities.

From Barbara Roberts' NEW book, Face Reading - How to Know Anyone at a Glance. On See for 20 TV Shows on Face Reading!


In today’s tough job market, people can find their best career by looking at their own facial features, because the face is reflective of our unique emotional and psychological style. Below are patterns in facial features that match people who are happy and successful in these careers:

• Close-set eyes (loves detail, precision oriented)
• Large, tall forehead (thinker, planner, strategist)
• Small eye size (sees everything with detail focus)
• Narrow nose bridge (perfectionist, high standards

• Thin, long ears (loves color, fabric, texture, interior design)
• Ears come forward (music ability, hears sound better)
• Widow’s peak (creative, artistic, individualist)
• Fine skin pores (refined tastes, can choose expensive items)

• Rounded forehead/hairline (people! The public loves them!)
• Large ears (listens well to others, tunes into the Big picture)
• Large/wide mouth (generous, affectionate with time, energy)
• Round ball on tip of nose (center of news, information, gossip)

• Thick eyebrows (physical endurance high)
• Large jaw (loves to exercise, very strong)
• Thick hair (loves the outdoors)
• Full, thick beard for men (robust, dynamic energy)
Facial features need to be combined – the face read as a whole.
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Friday, December 2, 2011

The EYES have it! How God works in small ways....

Last night when I was a church, and during the announcements, I thought I'd like some water. So from the middle of the church I left and went back into the Ladies' room. I walked in to see a woman at the basin who was clearly exasperated. She was panicing, "I've lost my contact lens in my eye, and I can't get it out." Well, it so happens that I worked in ophthamology for a year (with contact lenses no less!) and I also wear them...the same ones she had. And in the past, have also 'lost' one in the upper area of my eye - and with the gas permeable lenses, this is sort of painful, actually. So I knew exactly step by step how to help her. So I guided her for five minutes until the lens was in her hand, her eye was clear. She reinserted it back in her eye easily, and we both went and sat down for the service. Interesting how God did that, huh?