Thursday, March 25, 2021



(True! Short story on "Face Reading")
Jamie, a woman with nely-textured blonde hair, blue eyes, a narrow jaw, and ne-pored skin sat before me. Her features all expressed sensitivity. With so many features for gentleness in her face, I wonder if she would nd dealing with people too abrasive. Would she prefer the company of animals for companionship? If so, what animal would most appeal to her? Animals with gentleness, intelligence, and responsiveness? Might be horses.
I leaned forward. “Do you like horses?”
Astonished laughter and gasps broke out in the room.
Jamie replied, “I’ve loved horses since I was ve. I own my own stable. Sometimes I have a hard time functioning in the world. I feel too sensitive for its hardness. Horses help me feel connected to life.”

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